12 Days of Easter food and crafts all in one place!

Easter is here already can you believe it! So 12 of my best blogger friends have created 12 Days of Easter recipes and crafts for you. You can check them out out here! Here is one from the CRAZY Adventure of Country Divas girls. They are addicts of chocolate and they made a Cadbury Peeps Cupcake thats just Ooey and Gooey (yes, I made that up). So click on this link and check these out, I know I did! Don’t blame me when your on a chocolate high!Cadbury CC mine 12 days pic

Now check out my friend’s Easter related posts and give them a visit too!

Welcome back to day number eight of our ‪#‎12DaysOf‬ Easter Crafts and Recipes!  We have seen so many amazing recipes the past few days, but today we bring you something a little more edible craft than recipe.  This will be exceptionally helpful for those who prefer the “wow” without all the work.

Easter Bunny Surprise

Do you like those big hollow Easter Bunnies?  Mom Does Reviews thinks a hollow bunny can be a big disappointment to little ones, so Victoria set out make it better from this Easter on!  Her daughter’s love for surprise reveal eggs inspired her make a Chocolate Easter Bunny Surprise!  Once your little one opens up their, usually hollow, bunny and discovers all of the goodies inside – he/she will be thrilled!

Stop by Mom Does Reviews to learn how to stuff your bunny full of goodies. Be sure to check out the rest of our fantastic friends’ Easter crafts and recipes below:





KattyMarket 1

Liam is 6 months old which means that he is teething….. in fact, I think that he has been teething for a little while now but none of his pearly whites have made their way through the gums yet. His hands are ALWAYS in his mouth, drool is everywhere and he is fussy- all signs of teething. I was looking for a great product to allow him to teethe without giving him a ton of medicine. I have found an Etsy shop that makes beautiful handmade teething jewelry and I’m excited to share them with you and offer ONE reader a piece for themselves.

KattyMarket Story

KattyMarket is family project and we both (Katty and Andrey) work on its development. My wife loves doing crochet things, since she was a child. We have a baby son and we’ve ordered one teething necklace when he was 3 months old and he loves it. So, we decided that crochet beads with a variety of wooden teethers, that is what babies may like. We decided to start our shop on Etsy, because we were sure that we can offer lots of interesting designs and because we know exactly how babies play with them.Our… Continue reading

Looking for a great DIY craft to make? This DIY Easter Egg Bath Bomb Recipe is fun to make and you'll have weeks worth of amazing baths! Fill with your favorite essential oils and melt your stress away!

We hope you are enjoying all of our delicious Easter recipes and fun Easter crafts we have been sharing with you! Please continue to stop back every day so you don’t miss out on all 12 days of Easter Fun!

Today Dawn at Blogging Mom of 4 has shared her DIY Easter Egg Bath Bomb Recipe with us! This Bath Bomb Recipe is fun to make and you’ll have weeks worth of amazing baths! Fill with your favorite essential oils and melt your stress away!

Head on over to Blogging Mom of 4 and find out how to make these yourself!

Also, don’t forget to check out all of the other 12 Days of Easter goodies below!

Are you ready for another Easter? It will be here before you know it. Today’s recipe is not only fun to make, but its fun to eat! Head over to my friend Becky’s site MySparklingLife.com to check out how to make these delicious Strawberry Carrots in Dirt Cups!  The be sure to check out all the other delicious and fun activities we have for you!

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