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Do you struggle with bad breath, dry mouth or canker sores? If you’re like me, you experience all of these things. Especially during the winter, when the air is dry- these problems are more prominent. I am so excited to share TheraBreath with you!

TheraBreath is a revolutionary premium oral care system created by Doctor Harold Katz at the California Breath Clinics. The exclusive, original formula went on the market in 1994 and has been used by over 1,000,000 people world wide to solve the problems of bad breath and unpleasant mouth taste. In that time, the original formula has gone through dozens of refinements, making it the most complete and effective solution to the embarrassing personal problem of halitosis.

“Bad breath is basically caused by anaerobic sulfur-producing bacteria. These bacteria live within the surface of the tongue and in the throat and are nothing to worry about – they are naturally occurring. These bacteria are supposed to be there because they assist humans in digestion by breaking down proteins. Proteins are commonly found in food, mucus or phlegm, blood, and in diseased or “broken-down” oral tissue. Not a very pretty picture, but this is the science of what happens in your mouth.” Bad Breath : Get Rid of Bad Breath Causes with Home Treatment and Remedies.

I had the pleasure to try out three great products from TheraBreath- the Fresh Breath Toothpaste, Mouthwash, and and Lozenges! All three products are amazing and I thoroughly enjoyed testing them. Personally, I struggle with canker sores and dry mouth so I was really excited how these products would help me.

First, I used the toothpaste and mouthwash two times a day as recommended. The toothpaste left my mouth feeling clean and a slight minty taste- but not overbearing. Another wonderful thing about the toothpaste is that it can actually prevent canker sores. I learned that most toothpastes have ingredients that can actually cause canker sores (ouch)! The mouthwash, I used directly after brushing my teeth and was worried that it wouldn’t be effective because it wasn’t overly minty and kind of felt like I was just swishing water. But, I am very happy to say that my mouth felt so clean and fresh afterwards- better than the feeling I get from any other mouthwash. Secondly, the lozenges are amazing- I loved these! I do not struggle with dry mouth a lot but when I did- these sure did help. The flavor of them was good- didn’t taste overbearing or like medicine.

As a couponer, I have bought just about every type of toothpaste and mouthwash out there since you can’t be brand loyal with these items. But, I can honestly say that my new favorite is the Therabreath line. After learning the details regarding the ingredients in the ‘other’ brands of toothpaste I have and what they can do to me (causing canker sores), I am definitely convinced that TheraBreath products are the best ones out there. Additionally, TheraBreath is a product that offers a 100% moneyback guarantee- this shows how confident they are in their products.

Buy It: TheraBreath is sold online at You can also purchase their products in many major retailers like CVS, Walgreens, Walmart, and Rite-Aid!  Find a local retailer near you!

Win It:  One lucky reader will win a full size tube of TheraBreath toothpaste and a full size bottle of their Oral Rinse! Enter using the Rafflecopter form below!

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