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The night I got engaged was one of the most memorable times of my life. For starters, Garrett and I met in 2004 while working as cashiers at Target- the rest is history. Some important parts to know: I was 17, he was 16- and when we both graduated high school we chose colleges in different states (6 hours apart). As you can see, a majority of our relationship was spent at long distances-  but after 6 years of dating, we both knew it was meant to be.

After dating for a few years, I started to envision the type of engagement ring I wanted. There are a great variety of diamond rings available online and in stores- so I had to make sure I was specific. I told Garrett that I wanted white gold and a three stone ring- and that is exactly what I got. While searching for the perfect ring, he checked out numerous custom engagement rings but never found the funds to order it (we were college students, remember).

The night of our engagement was March 20, 2009 at Longwood Gardens in Kennett Square, PA. Garrett had drove 6 hours from college to attend my school’s annual banquet with me. He arrived just in time- changed into his dress clothes and we headed out the door. After eating a wonderful meal, we walked around the beautiful indoor displays and just talked- it was nice to just see each other and hang out since our time together at this point in time was so scarce. At around 11pm, it seemed that everyone was beginning to leave and Garrett and I were still there- we sat down by a waterfall inside and we were talking about life in general- I said that I wanted real flowers for our wedding and all- and bam, he popped the question. I said yes, without hesitation, yet was still surprised that he asked me!! The rest of the night was a blur, we saw friends immediately after the engagement and took some memorable pictures. The next day, a friend took our engagement pictures and they are treasured to this day. Of course, the wedding planning began shortly thereafter and then I graduated from college on May 7, 2010- Garrett graduated on May 8, 2011- and we got married May 21, 2011!

The only diamond jewelry I have is my wedding rings and a bracelet that Garrett got me on our wedding day! Diamonds are a girl’s best friend- but they can also come with a hefty price tag. However, sites like WhiteFlash make it possible to get the perfect diamond with the assurance that it is of the best quality. Just visiting their website, I am extremely impressed with the layout allowing you to see the features of all of their products- along with high quality pictures. You have the ability to create a custom ring- no matter for engagement or another occasion. Before venturing out to the jewelry store when you need some diamonds- be sure to visit WhiteFlash- you won’t regret the decision to do your market research!

Disclosure: This is a Sponsored Post for WhiteFlash and all opinions and words are solely mine.

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