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10 Unique Random Acts of Kindness Ideas

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Tis the season to do something nice for someone. Not that you shouldn’t do something nice all the time, but when the holiday season approaches, random acts of kindness are always appreciated. Maybe you’re stuck in a rut and aren’t sure of what random acts of kindness to complete. Check out these 10 ideas.

10 Unique Random Acts of Kindness Ideas

10 Random Acts of Kindness Ideas

Volunteer to help a mom out

Moms seem to need an extra boost from time to time. Offer to help a mom you know out. Helping her with laundry, the kids, or with errands can help her in more ways you can imagine.

Bring coffee to someone

Most people like coffee. Bring your child’s teacher or bus driver a cup of coffee. Maybe you see the same homeless person standing out on the street day after day, bless them with a cup of coffee.

Hand out $5 gift cards

It gets expensive trying to bless other people. Which is why $5 gift cards make so much sense. You put these in envelopes with a nice note and you have just blessed someone’s day.

Pay for a meal anonymously

It feels good to tell someone that you’re paying for their meal. However, doing it anonymously blesses them more ways than you know. They leave the place wondering who blessed them and they may pass on that blessing to someone else.

Give someone a compliment

You don’t have to fork over money to be nice to someone. Smiling at someone and saying something nice to them is one way you can do a random act of kindness.

Make it appropriate with the season

Raking someone’s leaves that isn’t mobile is a great way to do a random act of kindness. Shoveling snow is another, you can even mow someone’s yard in the summer time. It’s amazing how these small acts of kindness speak to someone’s soul.

Buy an extra meal to hand out when you eat out

It can be hard to remember to give someone a meal. However, grabbing an extra meal at the restaurant you’re eating out and then hand it out is super easy and doesn’t require much thought.

Do a gift basket

Put a small gift basket together and give it to a neighbor. The gift basket can have snacks, gift cards, and nice notes.

Think warm

During the summer months staying warm isn’t an issue, but when winter hits it’s a big issue. Put together warm items and hand them out to people. Scarves, gloves, shoes, and socks are always welcome to the homeless.

Check out your Facebook garage sale group for RAC opportunities.

I know it can be hard to differentiate between a scam and a non-scam on a Facebook garage sale group, but it’s worth the try. Perhaps someone needs help getting their electricity turned back on. Something simple can turn someone’s life around.

These 10 random act of kindness ideas are to get you started. Do you have any to add to this list?

Thank You For Sharing!!

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Tuesday 15th of November 2022

Thewse a great ideas, and they are so simple to do too.


Tuesday 15th of November 2022

Thanks for all the wonderful tips.


Sunday 13th of November 2022

These are all such lovely ideas. It's so easy brighten someone's day if we just try!

Jessica Peeling

Sunday 13th of November 2022

In South Dakota, we forget about the less fortunate that are not equipped for the winter - totally agree

Jeanna Massman

Saturday 12th of November 2022

Thanks for the ideas! This was a good reminder to give back.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.