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2018 Mother’s Day Gift Guide + Enter to Win $100 E-Gift Card #THBGiftGuide #MothersDay

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I partnered with The Hopping Bloggers for this sponsored Mother’s Day Gift Guide.

Mother’s Day is a day to honor and thank the Moms in your life. Finding a good gift for your Mom can prove to be challenging sometimes as you want something meaningful and also something that they will love and enjoy. Mother’s Day isn’t too far away and to help you with your gift giving needs, I’ve put together the ideal Mother’s Day Gift Guide complete with gift ideas for Moms of all ages! I am sure you’ll find something in this guide that is great for everyone on your list.

2018 Mother's Day Gift Guide! #THBGiftGuide #MothersDay

2018 Mother's Day Gift Guide! #THBGiftGuide #MothersDay

Waxing Poetic Necklace & Charms

Waxing Poetic’s jewelry line is great for Mother’s Day Gift Giving. Their jewelry represents love, hope, friendship, faith and a devotion to family that we all share and each piece is handcrafted, rich quality and has an artisan style. Waxing Poetic wants to ensure that the recipient of their jewelry as mothers, sisters, daughters, grandmothers celebrate the potential for transformation in all of us.

Jewelry is an awesome gift for Mom or any woman in your life that you are giving a gift too. There are so many options available from Waxing Poetic which means that there is something for everyone. The charm and necklace that I received is perfect because I love silver and gold so this is the perfect fit for me. This necklace is high quality and would be a great gift for my Mom who also likes both silver and gold. This necklace can be worn casually or with a dress outfit, too! The chain length is great for me too!!

Shop WaxingPoetic.com for all your Mother’s Day needs! This product can be found here. Browse all charms and pendants here.

2018 Mother's Day Gift Guide! #THBGiftGuide #MothersDay

The Zen Package

Get back your sleep with this fresh mint flavored and xylitol sweetened chewable tablet! Our proprietary blend of Melatonin, L-Theanine, Xylitol and other natural ingredients combined with our quality manufacturing make for a safe, effective and natural sleep aid.

Wink Naturals offers a variety of products for adults but also for kids — from teething little ones, to those who have diaper rash, Wink Naturals has something for everyone.

Shop HERE at Wink Naturals. Join the Facebook group HERE


2018 Mother's Day Gift Guide! #THBGiftGuide #MothersDay

Modern MOMents Gift

My mom (probably like most other moms), loves those “trip-down-memory-lane” kind of gifts. But, let’s face it – I don’t have all of the time in the world, and a well-thought out (not to mention well-executed) sentimental gift just isn’t happening in my life right now.

I’ve been wanting to give her something fun, beautiful, and sweet…just like her! BUT – I didn’t want it to break the bank, I wanted flexibility in what I did with it, and…of course…I wanted her to LOVE it. In other words – mission: impossible.

The best gifts are homemade ones and this Modern MOMents gift from The Dating Divas is perfect — You take a normal composition notebook, and then turn it into something spectacular with the help of these amazing printables.

So! All you have to do is print and cut it all out, put it together, add in your own pics and memories.

Mother’s Day is fast approaching! Head on over to The Dating Divas and order your Modern MOMents pack today.


2018 Mother's Day Gift Guide! #THBGiftGuide #MothersDay

LushLash Eyelash Growth Serum

MeSkinLabs is revolutionizing eyelashes. Their carefully formulated LushLash serum features a superior balance of growth factors and proteins to help stimulate cell regeneration, collagen, and elastin production, helping give you longer, stronger and fuller eyelashes. LushLash users will see lash lines darken, lashes thicken, and fuller, more lustrous brows with daily use in less than two weeks. The serum is easy to use. Apply once or twice daily to the lash line and brows with the brush-tip applicator. Apply to clean face before applying makeup or after makeup is removed at bedtime.

This product is a great gift for Mom as it offers an easy way to grow their eyelashes. The results from this product do not take too long to see which makes it a wonderful gift for Mom who loves beauty products or needs to take some time for herself.

Help Mom get the lashes she has always wanted with LushLash Eyelash Growth Serum!

2018 Mother's Day Gift Guide! #THBGiftGuide #MothersDay

Cricut Machine & Accessories

Does your Mom like to do crafts? A Cricut machine and/or accessories would be a great gift for your Mom. There are so many varieties of accessories to go with this awesome machine and so many different crafts your Mom could make.

2018 Mother's Day Gift Guide! #THBGiftGuide #MothersDay

You can also purchase digital accessory packs for Mom or even kits to go with her Cricut. If you have a Cricut, there are also a bunch of Mother’s Day accessory packs where you can purchase and make gifts for Mom with your machine!! The possibilities are endless.

Shop for Cricut Machines and Accessories HERE


2018 Mother's Day Gift Guide! #THBGiftGuide #MothersDay

Dona Bela Shreds

Dona Bela SHREDS is a fashion accessory line that upcycles textile remnants & designs them into unique, one-of-a-kind creations. They strive to provide quality fashion neckwear that is as unique as their customers. They want their customers to feel beautiful, confident and comfortable in their accessories. This fashion accessory line is a way to appreciate yourself, your environment, and positively impact your community. For Every DB SHREDS neckwear sold, $1 is donated back to charity!

2018 Mother's Day Gift Guide! #THBGiftGuide #MothersDay

SHREDlite: A perfectly light and long neckwear piece.
How to wear it: casual dress, tank or light sweater; layer with necklaces.

2018 Mother's Day Gift Guide! #THBGiftGuide #MothersDay

fionaSHRED: A boutique favorite with a perfect tinge of fringe.
How to wear it: dressed up or down, this timeless style will bring any outfit together.

2018 Mother's Day Gift Guide! #THBGiftGuide #MothersDay

belaBAND: Headwear to neckwear, this versatile style is a grab & go must-have!
How to wear it: in your hair or around your neck.

The products from DonaBelaShreds are so unique and fun to wear. Although the weather is getting warmer, scarves and hair bands are an easy way to spice up my style! The products are soft and are easy to wear with just about anything. I love that they are unique and know that they are made from fabric shreds!!

Browse DonaBelaShreds.com so you can give back and give to Mom! Plus use code OLIVIA20 to save 20%!

2018 Mother's Day Gift Guide! #THBGiftGuide #MothersDay

24K Petal Real Red Rose

Does your Mom love flowers? How about buying a rose for her that is eternal and will last for a lifetime? Gold Roses are real roses dipped in 24 K gold to preserve the roses for a lifetime. The roses are real rose petals, real rose leaves, and rose thorns!

This would be a great gift for the Mom who has everything and for the Mom who loves flowers but doesn’t have a green thumb (like me). This rose is an eternal gift and you can demonstrate your eternal love and appreciation for your Mom by giving her one of these beautiful gold roses.

Shop HERE for 24K Petal Real Red Roses

2018 Mother's Day Gift Guide! #THBGiftGuide #MothersDay

Bird Feeders

Does your Mom love to bird watch or does she like to be outdoors? With Mother’s Day being at the beginning of Spring, there are so many options for beautiful decor that can go outside. Bird feeders make a great gift idea for Mom as they are outside and attract beautiful birds to them.

The Perky-Pet Glass Mason Jar Wild Bird Seed Feeder is sure to provide plenty of room for the appropriate flow of food for your feathered friends with its eight feeding ports. The blue color of this bottle is reminiscent of vintage blue glass canning jars used in the 1800’s. This Mason jar style feeder is a breeze to fill and clean, just unscrew the bottle from the base, fill with your favorite seed, and screw the base back into place – it’s that easy!

She can hang this outside of a window or on the porch so that she can see it whether she is indoors or outdoors and then just simply refill it when it gets low.

Shop Bird Feeders HERE

2018 Mother's Day Gift Guide! #THBGiftGuide #MothersDay

Wind Chimes

One of the best gifts I received was a beautiful set of wind chimes. These are hung on my back deck and I hear them all the time playing their beautiful sound. 🙂

Shop Wind Chimes HERE.

Who is on Your Mother’s Day Gift List this year?

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Saturday 28th of April 2018

I like the Seppo Orbit Y Necklace !!! Thanks

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Tuesday 24th of April 2018

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Jennifer H

Monday 23rd of April 2018

I love the kristal teardrop earrings.


Monday 23rd of April 2018

Those are so pretty!!!

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