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8 New Mommy Must Haves {Ultimate Gift Guide}

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As a new Mommy, you will likely be focusing on all the things you need for baby. You can’t forget about yourself, though. This list of 8 New Mommy Must Have items is sure to help you as you embark on this new journey of motherhood.

We are about to welcome our third little one into our family. This 3rd pregnancy has been nothing like my others and has absolutely flown by. One thing that I’ve been trying to be better at is taking bump pictures to try to catch the memories of being pregnant. Pregnancy is not for the faint of heart, but then again what is?

As a soon to be 3rd time Mommy, I know the importance of not only preparing for your new little one with all of the nursery decor and clothes, but also some key items for Mom. After all, you and your family are about to go through a huge life change.

New Mommy Must Haves

Welcoming a little one is such a blessing, but is also exhausting. You HAVE to set time aside for yourself and take care of yourself during pregnancy and beyond. I’ve curated this list of Must Haves for the New Mommy and hope that this list reminds you to take care of YOU too!

Haute Shore Totes

Keep mom stylish while carrying a functional diaper bag! You can stop the long and frustrating online hunt for the perfect bag each season. Haute Shore has the latest accessories you’ve been looking for. From a young age, founder Beth Zimerbort has been in love with fashion and the endless possibilities of styles and options. Like her mother, Beth believes that a simple outfit paired with a standout accessory can make any combination stunning.

Wanting to instill the confidence and power that comes with loving your outfit for the day, she launched Haute Shore to provide every woman with beautiful, affordable accessories that stay on top of the latest trends. With over 1,000 accessories, Haute Shore is committed to helping customers stay fashionable with ease. And you’ll never run out of designs to fit your individual needs and style preferences. 


Living in the moment is easy with Vita Mia, with gorgeous candles encapsulating a laidback lifestyle and evoking the joy of self-care. Vita Mia means “my life” in Italian and the brand blends beautifully with today’s lifestyles. Studies show consumers increasingly purchase candles for home décor, stress reduction, and holiday gifts.

Vita Mia is the lifestyle brand of premium modern candle and wax melts that encourages you to take a break, sit back, and take in the calming scents from its collection. Capture the moment and create a beautiful ambiance of well-being by enjoying these fresh and natural fragrances. It’s a subtle way to change your vibe and let go of daily pressures.

Constant Sol Clothing

In case she wants to dress up, make sure she’s comfortable and protected! Add Constant Sol to your closet and enjoy all-over protection from the sun’s damaging effects. Founder Allison Dvorak loves the sun just as much as the next person, but she also knows firsthand how painful it can be.

Previously having melanoma and basal cell carcinoma, she used that experience to design a luxury clothing brand that provides comprehensive sun protection with chic style. Most clothing unfortunately doesn’t provide an adequate amount of protection from UV rays.

To truly shield you from unseen damages and not just heat, your clothing should have a high UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) rating. Whether you are out to lunch with friends or at a beach wedding, Constant Sol helps you enjoy the sunshine with UPF 50+ fabrics, the highest rating possible for fabrics. The Luxe Essential and Sunsafe Stretch are both third-party certified to offer excellent protection while still being breathable and lightweight for those dog days of summer.


Give her an at-home spa experience that’s as easy as 1, 2,3! Perfect for those who feel like they are too busy, LuxaDerme provides you with clean skincare masks to wear from head to toe. Their luxurious skincare masks are comforting, super easy to use, and feel like each one is made just for you.

LuxaDerme uses natural bio-active botanicals infused with antioxidants to give your skin a calming and moisturizing effect. Every formula uses EWG green ingredients and IFRA certified allergen-free fragrances while being free from parabens, ​​phthalates, sulfates, or artificial colors. They are PETA certified Vegan and Cruelty and the products are certified Plastic Negative.

Highly recommended by dermatologists, aestheticians, skincare professionals and leading salons and spas across the globe, LuxaDerme is a brand you can trust to make you feel pampered and to achieve maximum results with minimal effort.

Ambered Ember

The final touch for a natural glow! Ambered Ember is the ultimate support to your radiant self. Made entirely with only natural ingredients, the secret to Ambered Ember’s Plumping Serum is their key ingredients. By using silica to bind degenerating tissue layers, Apricot oil to hydrate skin, and L-Arginine to boost circulation, their serum promotes immediate and long-term regeneration benefits.

Ambered Ember knows that boosting your skin’s natural moisture and protective barrier is crucial to achieving that youthful glow. No more dry skin or dull faces looking back at you in the mirror.


Koope makes supercharged Cleansers & Moisturizers, with everything your skin needs in two simple steps. The formulas are suitable for all skin types, free from common sensitizers and 1400 toxic ingredients banned in Europe. But Koope is about more than just great skincare products, they are starting a movement encouraging all brands to do more in their communities and causes to make the world a safer, healthier and better place.


Atrac (short for “attraction” because of the highest quality magnets used inside of these accessory holders) is one of those essentials you will buy and wonder “How did I ever live without this?” ATRAC is almost like a snap bracelet but with magnets that you can “slap” or “wrap” around your purse/backpack strap without losing them. They stay in place! They also hang from your wrist or gym pants! You can even hang it from your bathing suit bottoms!

The magnets are that strong and secure. ATRAC is designed to keep your keys and or cellphone right where they are supposed to be so you don’t have to spend minutes rummaging through your purse digging for your keys while your children are throwing tantrums at the grocery store. At least, that is how the founder came up with the idea.

She could not take one more tantrum in public while she emptied out her purse digging for her keys to put her daughter into the car and leave the store without more mortification. The patent-pending strap is high quality vegan leather and made to look like a luxurious accessory for any activity in your life. 

Natalist TLC Trio

Pregnancy is a full body-and-mind experience, which is why Natalist curated the perfect care package to love and nourish an expecting mama. The TLC Trio gives pregnant women the best of Natalist’s self-care pregnancy items to help relieve morning sickness, glow up the belly, and encourage relaxation. Plus, all items are full-sized so you’re really getting a bang for your buck (currently on sale for $72 from 85). Included in the trio is: 

  • Cooling Cream – a soothing, moisturizing cream formulated to revitalize and refresh swollen pregnancy feet and ankles
  • Belly Oil – a non-greasy, moisturizing formula for a glowing, dewy belly
  • Nausea Relief Tea – for morning sickness and nausea relief, any time of day

Thank You For Sharing!!

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Sunday 6th of November 2022

This is a great list of products for new moms. Koope looks like an impressive brand!

Antoinette M

Thursday 3rd of November 2022

These items are awesome, especially the diaper bag/tote!

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Monday 31st of October 2022

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