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Baby Gift Guide: Baby Car Mirror Review! #babygiftguide

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Welcome to This N That with Olivia’s Baby Gift Guide


Are you a Mom-t0-Be or New Mom? Or maybe even someone looking for a perfect gift for the Mom-to-Be? This N That with Olivia’s Baby Gift Guide will feature products from the best baby brands out there in the form of reviews and sometimes giveaways. We are expecting our first little boy in October, 2014 so the search for great baby products is in full swing– those with great reviews are always at the forefront of our minds. Therefore, I plan to provide you with a review of some specific products from amazing baby brands.

Baby Car MirrorOur next Baby Gift Guide Feature is the Tools of Life Baby Car Mirror! As a first time Mom, I know it is important to be able to have a good view of your child in the back seat to ensure that they’re okay while you’re driving down the road. A quick peek is all it takes to ease your mind and assure you that your child is okay. 

The Car Mirror that I received is made by Tools of Life and is available for purchase on Amazon.com


This Baby Car Mirror Could Be A Life Saver

– Made to be strapped onto a headrest on either side of the back row of a family car. 
– Specially designed and fully adjustable features enable the car mirror to rotate and pivot to various angles for clear view of your child in most carseat placements: side or center.

Provide Peace of Mind for Mother While She Drives

This baby car mirror is designed to be the best back seat mirror for baby and mother. When properly adjusted, a mother (driver) can see the baby from the normal rear mirror WITHOUT turning her head while driving. For hassle-free convenience without frequent removing, reinstalling and readjusting the baby car mirror between cars, get 1 baby mirror for each car you own and order extra ones as gift items for any mother with a young child.

You and Your Child’s Lives Could Depend On This Baby Car Mirror

– A high-quality car mirror designed with flexibility to focus on the baby. 
– Light-weight ABS plastic material designed for vivid image and superior reflection. 
– Dial mount enables easy tightening and securing of the pivot point. 
– Large bright green color frame attracts attention of baby.

The ONLY baby car mirror backed by a Lifetime No-Hassle Free Replacement Guarantee.

We received this car mirror and I immediately tried it out, we put it in the car as instructed in the installation guide and checked the view from the front seat. This product was easy to install and offers a clear view of baby from the front seat! I LOEV that it has a shatterproof feature, so there is no worry of this product breaking and cutting your child. The color is also eye catching, children like bright colors… so the green will help to get them to look at it :).  On Amazon, this product has a 4.9 out of 5 star rating, which is awesome! The reviews range from the features being great, to installation being easy! This would make a GREAT gift for yourself if you’re a Mom to be or another Mom to be that you’re gifting to! There are a lot of our friends that are expecting so this will definitely be a GREAT gift option! 

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Gwen Mulholland

Thursday 10th of July 2014

Love the baby mirrors. They are the best product when driving in the car. I also like the shape of this one. The oblong ones are too hard to see with.

Donna Hup

Wednesday 9th of July 2014

I love the baby car mirrors! They are such a genius product!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.