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10 Beach Safety Tips for Kids #Beach #Vacation #Travel

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10 Beach Safety Tips for Kids

Plastic toys at the summer beach

Spring is nearly over and summer is just around the corner, which means it is time to start thinking about beach trips! A day at the beach can be a fantastic time for your family, as long as you keep a few basic safety tips in mind. Before you plan your next beach trip, take a look below at 10 beach safety tips for kids, so you can be sure your next day at the beach is safe and enjoyable for everyone. Here are some important safety tips you need to know!10 Beach Safety Tips for Kids

  1. Check the water conditions ahead of time. 

    Check with the lifeguard or at gate check in to see what the daily water conditions are. Most beaches use a flag system to warn you of any rough waves, high tides, or under currents that may be present. Before you step foot on the beach check out water conditions and take the appropriate precautions. 

  2. Bring a source of shade.

    Even though you are at the beach to enjoy the sun, bring a source of shade with you in case anyone needs a break. A simple umbrella or pop up tent is usually perfect and offers a space for anyone who needs to get out of the sun.

  3. Re-apply sunscreen as directed. 

    While most parents are great about applying sunscreen, not all reapply as they should. Remember you should reapply sunscreen when your child comes out of the water, is excessively sweaty, or if they are in the sun for more than a few hours. Reapply and make sure your child has ample protection

  4. Go over water depth safety with kids.

    It is important for your kids to know what a safe water depth is. When children are splashing around, knee deep is typically sufficient. Older kids may be ok going thigh deep. Instruct them not to go any deeper without an adult present.

  5. Keep a flag or bright piece of fabric attached to a pole near your beach site.

    Kids can easily get lost in all the excitement at the beach, so a bright flag or piece of fabric displayed high can help them find you in a hurry. Consider constructing a simple flag and PVC pipe so if they become lost, they can easily look up and find your site.

  6. Bring plenty of water.

    You might think that juice and soda is enough, but for a long and hot day in the sun you really need to bring water. Make sure you have plenty of fresh water for drinking, hand washing, or should you need to rinse sand out of eyes or mouths.

  7. Use the buddy system.

    There is always safety in numbers. Whether swimming, playing in the sand, running for a snack, or taking a bathroom break, use the buddy system. Make sure each child knows that they should do these things with a buddy for safety sake and so no one gets left alone.

  8. When packing food items, you should try to bring only non-perishable items.

    Cheese, mayo, yogurt, and other similar items won’t fair well in the sun and can lead to sickness if they get too hot. Instead, bring items that can withstand the heat or easily be kept in a cooler.

  9. Sanitizer is your friend.

    It is always wise to bring sanitizer with you, as it will come in handy after bathroom breaks, swims, and before you eat. Just throw a small bottle in your beach bag prior to going so you can easily retreat to it when you need a good clean up.

  10. Bring your water shoes.

    Water shoes are great for keeping little feet safe as they explore on the beach and in the waves. They help kids avoid cuts from sharp rocks or litter that may have made its way into the sand and water as well!

A trip to the beach can be a fun time, and when you keep these 10 beach safety tips for kids in mind, it can be a safe one as well!


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