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5 Benefits of Amazon Prime for Busy Moms

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5 Benefits of Amazon Prime for Busy Moms

Being a busy mom means you work hard to find the best solution. You budget time and money. You work hard to provide everything your family needs. That is why Amazon Prime has so many benefits for busy moms. Here are some of the advantages:

#1. Easy online shopping

Every mom knows how hard it can be to shop bringing your little ones along. Shopping online is an easy and convenient alternative to busy stores with long lines. I can hold my son and shop at the same time. I can even shop from my phone if I want. One of my favorite parts of Amazon Prime is that I have One Click Shopping set up. I can literally click buy and I am able to purchase what I need, without leaving the house. This is a busy mom’s paradise.

#2. On time two-day shipping

When you are an Amazon Prime member you get free two-day shipping on your orders. You have to be sure the item has the Prime logo and says two-day delivery, and it will be there in two days or less. They will even deliver it on Sunday, which is a win-win for anyone that needs an item quickly.

#3. Free online books you can borrow each month

As a Prime member, you can borrow one book each month from the online Amazon library. There are many books to choose from for children or adults. It is awesome to download to your Kindle Fire. I’m a busy mom and don’t have a lot of time to read, but when I do, it’s nice to not have to pay extra for books.

#4. The ability to share your Prime benefits with your family

Your Prime benefits can be shared with your family members you live with. You can make accounts for your children and monitor what they can access, as well. My husband and I frequently use Amazon Prime. It’s an awesome thing to have on hand whenever you have little ones too. Knowing you can order something and it’ll be there in no time is an amazing feeling. Plus, add on Amazon Family to your Prime Membership as it provides Prime members exclusive family-oriented offers, coupons, age-based recommendations, 20% off diaper subscriptions and a 15% Baby Registry completion discount. Add Amazon Family to your Prime Membership for FREE. 

#5. Prime shows and movies

Amazon Prime has many different shows and movies you can watch for free when you are a member. The kids can watch the shows and movies they like and keep them entertained. This is a huge favorite around here, being able to see shows on Amazon Prime. I don’t even use any other streaming service because this works so well for us. 

Amazon Prime has so many different benefits these are just some of them. As a busy mom, the time saved on shopping and finding entertainment for your kids is priceless. Amazon Prime is a program that every busy mom can benefit from.

Thank You For Sharing!!

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rochelle haynes

Saturday 22nd of July 2017

This sounds good i love to shop on amazon they have nice things

Rana Durham

Friday 21st of July 2017

i love amazon prime it makes life alot easier. i am so thankful for amazon and all of their deals.

Dana Rodriguez

Friday 21st of July 2017

I love Amazon Prime.. maybe a little too much lol. I certainly makes my life easier!


Friday 21st of July 2017

HAHA I know this feeling! I get packages (numerous) every single day!! :-D

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.