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Black Friday Shopping Tips! #BlackFriday

Thank You For Sharing!!

black friday tipsAre you planning to venture out on Black Friday this year? Or shall I say Thanksgiving this year (I won’t go there with my feelings about that as my husband works in retail)? If you’re planning to brave the crowds, I’ve compiled some tips to help you have a painless (let’s hope) and successful trip out, here are my favorite ones:

1. Make a plan– Since stores seem to open earlier and earlier every year you should also make a plan of action earlier. You can usually view the stores ads online before you receive them in the mail, so start compiling a list of things that you want/need.

2. View Merchandise– Most stores have the items they plan to feature on Black Friday in their stores regularly. So, after you have your list you’ll want to take some time to visit the merchandise to ensure that you are good with the product details. Yes, some stores still offer exclusive bundles on Black Friday only but the main product in that bundle should be available now.

3. Verify Return Policy– You’ll want to know the store’s return policy in case it is changing for the merchandise featured on the Black Friday sales. Just in case you get something damaged or decide that you don’t want, you should be aware of the return policy.

4. Compare Prices– Many stores will offer the same items on Black Friday and may vary in price or with certain offers (like gift cards, etc). After you have the definite items you would like to purchase, you’ll want to figure out which retailer is offering the best deal.

5. Check Online- You can even shop from the comfort of your own home on Black Friday if you want to avoid the crowds. Check your favorite online retailers for the same items or other items.

6. Develop a strategy– Determine which items on your list you absolutely want/need first. Then, plan to go to that store before the others on Black Friday. Most stores provide you with a map showing where the merchandise (usually doorbusters) will be located on the sales floor. Ensure that you have room in your car(s) and some buddies to go with you in case you want to split up and meet at the registers.

7. Only shop deals– Yes, you may want to get a few other Christmas gifts while you’re out, but you should only focus on the deals for Black Friday. There will be too large of a crowd to get anything else, plus the lines will be long.

8. Bundle Up & Dress Comfortable– Since most stores open early on Thanksgiving, you’ll want to get there to get in line for the doorbusters (if those are the items you’re going for). Be sure to dress comfortably and warm so that you aren’t running around with sore feet and cold hands!

9. Watch your Spending– There are a lot of great bargains available on Black Friday but not all are amazing deals. Be sure that you evaluate your list and only purchase those things that you know are great deals.

10. Check This N That with Olivia– I’ll do my best to highlight the amazing Black Friday (and Cyber Monday) sales on This N That with Olivia. Be sure to check here for those deals and send along any that you find!

Enjoy your experience, I’m still deciding if it’s worth it for me to go out this year. I usually go with my parents because Garrett has to work all night, but I’m just not sure if we need anything this year! 🙂 What tips have you found that work??

Thank You For Sharing!!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.