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Tupperware Specials Through 07.18! #Tupperware

The Mid-July specials from Tupperware are here and better than ever! The famous cereal storers (in exclusive, fun colors), the microwave cereal bowls and more are on SALE!!  Plus, spend $50 (on sale or regular priced products) and have the opportunity to purchase the Pack & Play set for only $15- a $39 value! 

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Tupperware: HOT Specials through 07/11/14! #Tupperware

Wow, in addition to the Fridgesmart special (also on the flier above), you can purchase the items on the flier above on SALE through 11 July 2014. One of my favorite items is the Time Savers Mandoline— what a great deal for a phenomenal product. Check out the video below and contact me at olivia@twolivia.com …

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Tupperware: BOGO FridgeSmart Set! #Tupperware

Are you tired of throwing away 1/2 your produce because it goes bad before you get to eat it? Tupperware‘s FridgeSmarts are your solution! They keep produce fresh up to 3 times as long with a patented ventilation system and ridged pockets on the bottom. I can keep strawberries for 2 weeks, broccoli & onions …

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