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Keep Track of your Medical Records on your Mobile Device with ChartSpan! @ChartSpanApp #BTSGuide

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As a Mom to a little one, I know all about the numerous doctor’s appointments we have to attend and different records we have to keep track of. Liam is almost a year old and I don’t even remember all of his appointments and what they were for, or even how he was treated. Medical records are important to keep track of for your kids and for yourself. To get copies of medical records usually you have to call the doctor’s office and either pay a fee or wait a few weeks for them to find the time to do so. I’m excited to share a new way to keep track of your family’s medical records – a FREE app available for Apple, Android devices and web app called ChartSpan.

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ChartSpan is a FREE and secure app empowering you to request, organize and send your healthcare records on your mobile device. We’ve been called the “Swiss Army Knife” of medical apps.

ChartSpan offers a wide variety of features and has been rated the #1 medical app in America! A few of these features are:

  • Import and add any type of medical record, from any doctor, clinic or hospital, any time you want.
  •  Manage your entire family- you can add your spouse, children or other family members.
  • Share your health records with a family member or trusted caregiver!
  • To add a record, take a photo of a paper record or fax, import from an existing photostream, import from the cloud, add an email attachment, import an electronic fax, upload records from a cd-rom, etc. The possibilities are endless.

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ChartSpan’s “send” feature is all about convenience. You can send any healthcare or immunization record to your child’s school nurse, doctor or a specialist you are about to visit. You can also add your records by taking a photo of a paper record or fax, importing it from an existing photostream, importing it from the cloud, adding as an email attachment, importing an electronic fax, uploading records from a cd-rom, etc. 

One important feature is that security and privacy is their number one priority. ChartSpan protects your healthcare information with bank-grade encryption and security.

Imagine, one app that manages every medical, dental, vision and specialist healthcare record, in a single place. Get rid of that manilla folder and stop using all those annoying electronic portals. Download ChartSpan today!

I’ve been using ChartSpan for a little while now and I am totally impressed with the ease of use. I simply downloaded the FREE app on my iPhone, created an account, added my family and voila my profile was set up. Some of my doctors have sent me logins for my medical records so I imported them and am loving having all things in front of me. It allows me to see the details of my visit, and the medications or treatments given at each visit. I love to be organized and in-the-know so this app is definitely a favorite of mine. It allows me to see my health information in one place like when Liam’s appointments were and who the doctors/specialists are that we see. This is way easier than calling the doctor’s office or downloading information from the insurance company and then piecing it all together.

Download ChartSpan for FREE from the Apple Store , or Google Play!

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Thank You For Sharing!!

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Cynthia brooks

Monday 7th of January 2019

I've never heard of chart span before. With as much as I do on my phone, that would be so handy.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.