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Five 10 Minute Activities to Do with Your Kids

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Five 10 Minute Activites to do with Your Kids

Five 10 minute Activities to Do with Your Kids

I love spending time with my son, but sometimes I run out of ideas. It’s always great to have a few activities on hand that I can do with him. These activities aren’t anything magnificent, but my boy loves them and I’m sure your kids will too.

#1. Busy Bags- This has been a go-to for me in the recent months. You can put together busy bags fairly simply. I use gallon sized baggies and put different items in there. I may put blocks in one to pull out when he needs some time to play. You can put a coloring book and crayons in a “busy bag” as well. There is really no right or wrong and the only limit is your own creativity.

#2. Music Party- My son loves music, so a 10-minute activity that he loves is listening to music. There’s no set tune that we listen to. It’s just nice taking a break from the “every day” to listen to music and maybe even dance a little. If he’s having a rough day, this is definitely my go-to activity.

#3. Running Around- If your children are anything like my son, then they have a LOT of energy. I have found that running around and laughing is a fun ten-minute activity to do with any child. They love this and they love that you’re involved.

#4. Read a Book- This may be cliché, but so many parents forget to just sit down and read with their kids. Put a few books in the diaper bag to bring with you. Kids love reading and you’re the key to take them to this magic world.

#5. Ask Questions- If your child can respond to you when you ask them a question, this is a fun one. Ask them silly questions like “are you a bear?” “what’s your favorite food?” “do you love to eat cheese?” You both will giggle at their responses.

Spending time together is priceless. What’s your favorite 10-minute activity to do with your kids?


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