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Children’s Gift Exchange Ideas! #Gift #Exchange #Children

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Children gift exchanges are a fun way for kids to get excited about the holidays and feel involved. What is nice about children’s gift exchanges is that there is a limit to amount each child can spend. That means that the fun doesn’t have to cost much. The problem, sometimes, that leaves parents wondering what things kids can buy and stay under the limit.

Children Gift Ideas for Exchanges Under $5

Children Gift Ideas for Exchanges Under $5

Look at the dollar store. Kids can create a gift basket type present using items from the dollar store. Create a coloring themed basket using a few different gifts like coloring books, crayons, and markers. Buy craft supplies, like glue, puff balls and glitter.

Play dough: Just about all kids love play dough. There are usually fun packages of play dough that are under the $5 limit. Depending on how much the set costs, add in some cookie cutters to add a fun twist.

Microphones: Kids love karaoke. There are many times of microphones from plain one or ones that play music or make sound effects.

Books: Book are always a good gift idea. Amazon, Walmart, Target and the Dollar Store all sell books that are under $5 that kids will love to read.

Card games: Card games like Uno, Skipbo or Monopoly Deal are just a few games that are under $5 and make fun games for kids. Even just a regular deck of cards can be a gift kids go nuts over.

Children Gift Ideas for Exchanges Under $10

Children Gift Ideas for Exchanges Under $10

Stuffed Animals: While stuffed animals make moms cringe, kids love them. And they are always a hit for any gift exchange.

Board Games: Kids love to play board games. Amazon has a large selection of board games that are under $10.

Arts & Crafts: Kids love to create things. In the $10 range there are many craft kits that kids will love. If you want to make it a bit more personal, create a gift basket of items from the craft store.

Magic Sets: Kids love magic. They are fascinated with how the slight of hand can create such fun illusions. There are so many magic kits that come in all price ranges. There are also kits that cover all different style of magic tricks.

Kids will love being a part of gift exchanges, and making sure to stay in the set budget will help parents love them too. If you are trying to make sure that the kids are involved, give the kids a few choices of the items that are in the price range and let them pick which gift they want to give to their classmates.

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