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15 Things You Can Do in “5 Minutes or Less” to Make Your Home Cleaner!

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Do you envision a cleaner home? While you may not have all of the time in the world to clean, you do have small segments of time in which you can clean your home. Check out these 15 things you can do in 5 Minutes of Less to make your home cleaner.

Daily Cleaning

#1. Do a trash pickup- Getting rid of the trash always makes a house look and smell cleaner!

#2. Wipe off the counters- Get rid of the gunk on the counters!

#3. Switch out the laundry- Laundry is always taking up time, but switching it in and out doesn’t take much time at all.

#4. Remove bad food out of the fridge-The awful smell coming from your fridge is a direct result of the stinky leftovers.

#5. Spend five minutes decluttering-Pick a spot, any spot, and start decluttering.

#6. Hang up everything laying in the floor of the closet- Closets can get pretty messy. Take everything out of the bottom of the closet and hang it up (if that’s where it goes)!

#7. Take the cushions off of the couch and clean them out- What’s lurking underneath your couch cushions?

#8. Stack up papers and remove any clutter from your desk- Papers can make the house look incredibly messy, stack them up and remove any other clutter to make your house look cleaner.

#9. Clear your dresser of clothing and debris-Walking into a room with a dresser stacked high of clothing can make any home look messy, take 5 minutes to clean yours off!

#10. Clean your toilet and wipe down the bathroom sink- Yes, this is a chore you can finish in five minutes or less. You may even have time to clean the gunk off the sink.

#11. Fold a laundry basket full of towels-You might not be able to fold a basket of kids clothes in 5 minutes, but a basket of towels is easy peasy.

#12. Pick up everything off of the floor- Your floor is a mess, take five minutes to clean it up, you’ll be glad you did.

#13. Choose one room to vacuum- If your carpet is looking shabby, a quick vacuum will bring it back to life in 5 minutes or less.

#14. Wipe down your TV and any other glass in your living room- The glass in your living room is begging to be dusted and cleaned.

#15. Make as many beds in the house as you can in five minutes- Ready, set, go!

Now you have plenty of time to do the house cleaning because it’s broken up into 5 minute segments. What can you get done in your house, cleaning wise, in five minutes of less?


Thank You For Sharing!!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.