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6 Ways to Introduce Counting to Your Toddler

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6 Ways to Introduce Counting to your Toddler |

6 Ways to Introduce Counting to Your Toddler

Counting is such a fun part of being a toddler. Everywhere you look there are numbers. I wanted to introduce my son to numbers early, just because they are a fun way to learn.

#1. Help your toddler understand how old they are—One of our favorites is talking about how old we are. We talk about how old my son is and he loves it. I always ask “How old are you?” And he gives me his answer! If his birthday is approaching, we start working on the new age.

#2. Sing about numbers– There are tons of number songs out there. Find a few that your toddler loves and sing those number songs with him or her. As silly as you may feel about singing about numbers, just remember that your toddler is listening.

#3. YouTube Videos—Again, YouTube videos are always to the rescue. If we’re out and about and I need to distract my toddler, I pull out YouTube videos. He absolutely loves listening to the counting ones.

#4.—If your child is old enough, then introduce them to This is a really cool preschool app that you can download and it basically has everything a child needs to know about numbers. As your toddler grows, they can be challenged more and more with their counting ability.

#5. Count things around the house—This is such a fun and easy way to introduce counting to your toddler. Seriously, counting items around the house is super easy and super fun.

#6. Go on a hunt for numbers- Get a few cheap large letters or make your own and place them around the house. Whenever your toddler stumbles upon these numbers, you can talk about which number it is.

Counting is so much fun for toddlers. What tips do you have for introducing counting to your toddler?

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Dawn Gibson-Thigpen

Sunday 22nd of May 2016

how cute and awesome. this is an fantastic idea


Sunday 22nd of May 2016

I used to use ABCmouse with my kids. It made learning interactive and fun.

Chelley Martinka

Sunday 22nd of May 2016

My oldest (4) is teaching her baby sister to count... it's insanely cute! I am going to look into ABCmouse- I have heard of it, and I know my preschooler would love an app just for her!


Saturday 21st of May 2016

My oldest really struggled understanding numbers. These are fantastic ideas that all really help.

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