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Curious George Available on Hulu Today! @Hulu #CuriousGeorge

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The day is here, Curious George is now available on Hulu.

Hulu Curious George


I love Hulu – I watch so many different shows on my phone, computer and TV. I am going to love using it when I travel next week to keep up with my shows that I watch on a regular basis. Almost a year ago we decided to cut out our cable bill – this has not only saved us money but has allowed us to have time as a family without the TV on all of the time. Hulu is something that I subscribed to right away as it has my shows on the day after they air, and special content. It truly is a great thing to have with the FREE app on my phone and iPad and I use the Roku at home. Hulu has a lot of exclusives too, like Curious George. Check out the details below and enjoy watching.

For nearly 65 years, generations of young children have been charmed by the literary adventures of Curious George. Now George is ready for his next big adventure! Based on the best-selling Curious George books by Margret and H.A. Rey, the series expands George’s world to include a host of colorful new characters and original locales, while maintaining the charm of the beloved books. Each of the half-hour episodes includes two animated stories followed by short live-action pieces showing real kids who are investigating the ideas that George introduces in his stories. The series aims to inspire kids to explore science, math, and engineering in the world around them!


Exclusively streaming NOW commercial-free in ENGLISH and in SPANISH!

What’s your favorite TV show or movie? Hulu allows me to not miss what I can’t watch without cable and I love it. It’s such a great value.

Thank You For Sharing!!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.