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How to Master Cyber Monday Shopping

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Do you fear the chaos of Black Friday shopping? Can you not fathom giving up hours of family time to go Black Friday shopping on Thanksgiving night? No matter what your reason is for not getting out in the chaos of Black Friday, you don’t have to worry. Cyber Monday is the best way to score the same great deals right from your living room. Here’s how to master Cyber Monday shopping!

How to Master Cyber Monday Shopping

How to Master Cyber Monday Shopping

Make a List

All stores will have out their Cyber Monday deals for you to review before it gets here. Start shopping the Cyber deals and make a list of what you want to buy and for who. Making a list not only helps you breeze through the online world but helps you to keep to a budget. With so many great deals right at your fingertips and no long lines to stop you, overspending can be a problem with Cyber Monday shopping.

Sign Up for Cash Back Options

The great thing about shopping online is all the many cash back sites you can use to get money back on the purchase you make. Here are a few of my absolute favorite:

  • EBATES: This is my top go to cash back site. EBATES is an affiliate for thousands of online stores. Instead of going straight to the website, you go through EBATES which will pay you a percentage back on your online store purchases.
  • ExtraBux: ExtraBux goes the extra mile and not only gives you cash back on purchases but compares products by retailers giving you the best price out there.
  • TopCashBack: This is another one of my go to cash back sites. TopCashBack offers the highest rates on many popular websites.

Only Buy from Secure Sites

Just because it is a store doesn’t mean it is a secure store. Online theft is running rampant, but you can protect yourself. You need to check out the website before you buy!

  • Look for the yellow padlock symbol.
  • Search for the verified by VISA tag.
  • Examine the URL. Secure sites will start with https, not HTTP. The “s” stands for secure.

Know What Items to Buy

Just because it is Cyber Monday doesn’t mean that everything that is on sale is really that great of a deal. This is a marketing strategy that draws you into thinking everything is dirt cheap. Research suggests that the following items are good to buy online on Cyber Monday:

  • Toys: Of course, toys are a necessity at Christmas time, and they come at dirt cheap prices on Cyber Monday. Look for popular toys on the market. You will want to snatch them up quick because stores go out of stock quickly on Cyber Monday. It may be a good idea to put them in your basket a few hours before the sales start to ensure you snatch them up.
  • Electronics: The stats speak for themselves on electronics. Statistically speaking, electronics such as computers, gaming systems, and tablets are the lowest they are all year on Cyber Monday. If you have electronics to buy, you want to snatch them up early on Cyber Monday. These deals go fast, so you may want to find out ahead of time and put them in your cart a few hours before the sale starts.
  • Appliances: You may not think appliances count as Christmas presents, and many people forget to even look at these items. However, if you may need new appliances, Cyber Monday is the best time to buy them. You can get the top of the line appliances at 50-70% off. Of course, topping that with cash back sites mean even more savings.

Shop Before the Sale Starts

With thousands of people scouring the web on Cyber Monday, top ticket items will sell out fast. This means you have to be on top of you’re a-game. Open up various tabs with the items you want to buy, put items in carts before the sale, and be prepared to hit that checkout button as soon as Cyber Monday officially starts for the store you’re buying from. The earlier you plan and the quicker you are, the more likely you are to get what you want.

You can master Cyber Monday like a pro if you follow these tips. What other ways have you found that save you more on Cyber Monday? Share your tips in the comments below!

Thank You For Sharing!!

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Cynthia R

Monday 13th of November 2017

I use ebates but the extrabux sounds even better! I'm going to definitely have to check it out this holiday shopping season.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.