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10 Daytrips to Take with Your Family this Spring!

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Even though it seems like our families are going a mile a minute all week long, we still want to spend some time doing something fun on our days off. With Spring just around the corner, what about a cool day trip? There are plenty of places to go if you think about it! Here are 10 daytrip ideas for you to take with your family this Spring!

  1. Daycamp. Think about it; visit a campground or park, but you’ll all be snug in your own comfy bed that night. Plan some activities like a hike or games – even tossing a ball around. Bring a camping-style meal like hotdogs or sloppy joes to cook and eat outdoors. You can build a fire and make S’Mores before heading home. Even in the coolest early spring days, this is a winner.
  2. Take a walking tour of your town. Almost every town has a walking tour that covers the points of interest. Most can be completed in an hour or two, and the kids will get some exercise and learn about the history of where they live. Plan a picnic lunch and you’re set for the day!
  3. Visit a farm. Spring is a great time to take kids to a farming area. There are baby animals, fields being planted and lots of activity to observe. Check to see if any local farms have a petting zoo, or farm tours. Who can resist baby animals? Some areas have ‘heritage farms’ that are sort of a farm-museum; the farm is a working farm but is worked as it was a hundred years ago. Many allow visits and have regular programs for visitors.
  4. Go bowling. Kids school age or older usually enjoy bowling, and it is a great family activity. Rent shoes and balls at the alley, and if you call ahead, you might even get an employee to give the kids a quick lesson on the sport. There’s always a lot of action and noise, so this is a great activity for families.
  5. Take the family skating. A skating rink is nostalgic, just like bowling, and is still relatively inexpensive to take the entire family. Again, rent skates and have fun! Call ahead if you want to bring your own skates to make sure they are acceptable for use in the rink. Even if your kids can’t skate, most will pick it up quickly, and even if they don’t, they will see that there are others that can’t skate well, too.
  6. Visit a zoo. I’ve never met a kid that didn’t like going to the zoo. In Spring, it’s a perfect time to visit, as there are generally lots of baby animals. There also seems to be more animal activity in the cooler Spring climate, as opposed to hotter summer weather. Most kids can spend hours watching the animals and wandering through various exhibits.
  7. Take a class. Many of the larger big box stores have children’s craft and building classes on Saturdays, and some are even free. Learning a new skill helps to build confidence in children. Let the kids have some input into what type of class you will take. Check with locally owned stores and any local museums, too.
  8. Visit a body of water. No matter where you live, there is most likely a beach, ocean, lake or river nearby; take a daytrip to discover what’s there. If fishing is permitted, grab some poles and try to catch dinner! Feed the birds, plan a hike, pack a lunch or snack. Make it an adventure.
  9. See a ball game. Whether it’s Spring Training or a minor league team, there’s a certain excitement about sitting in the stands and rooting for your favorite player or team. Many ball parks have family specials and even free events, and most kids over the age of nine or ten can stay interested ‘till the end of the game. Bring some of your own snacks to allow for purchases of souvenirs.
  10. Visit friends or relatives that you don’t see very often. It’s always a treat for city kids to visit their cousins that live in the country – and vice-versa. You can plan some activities that involve everyone, and get an up-close look at where to eat, what to do, and see how the locals live it up.

Day trips don’t have to be expensive, but everyone should be involved in the decision making of where to go and what activities will be attempted. If you plan trips on a regular basis, let each child have a day they plan, tailoring the day to their interests. Knowing they will have their day in the future makes them more agreeable to participate in every adventure.

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Dorothy Boucher

Thursday 28th of March 2019

I love the list you have here, and definitely planning on doing a few of these this Spring. @tisonlyme143

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.