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50 Easy DIY Beauty Gifts for Christmas!

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DIY beauty gifts are a great way to spice up Christmas gift giving every year. As you’re trying to limit you Christmas spending, consider making homemade gifts for many people on your gift list. DIY gifts offer a personal touch to gift giving, too! 

There are SO many gifts that you can buy in the store, but there are also SO many gifts that you can make at home. Some of my favorite gifts to give and receive are beauty gifts like sugar scrubs, lotion bars and more. 

While on the decluttering journey I’ve been aiming to only bring things into my home that we will use and also to only give things to others that they will use. Beauty gifts are consumable and definitely something that will be used. 

There are so many homemade items that you can make for gifts. There is no need to spend hundreds of dollars when you can make more for less, right? Many of these homemade gifts could be added to a store bought gift to spruce it up and make it more personal, too! 

What are some of your favorite gifts to give? I try to stay away from gift cards (unless they ask for them) and give personal gifts. That’s where homemade gifts come into play. Check out these DIY Beauty Christmas Gifts, I’m sure you’ll find something for everyone.

50 DIY Beauty Products that Make Great Christmas Gifts

Make these easy DIY Beauty Products for Christmas gifts this year. Here is a list of 50 so that you can find one for every person on your gift list!

Lip Balms


Bath Bombs

Sugar Scrub

Lotions and Body Butters

Face Care

What a list, right? Did you find something for everyone? I know that I have a whole list of things that I’d like to make this Christmas for gift giving. 

Looking for more sugar scrubs? Check out these 21 Homemade Body Scrubs and these 15 DIY Sugar Scrubs!

Thank You For Sharing!!

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Tuesday 1st of November 2022

This is such a great idea love this

Antoinette M

Monday 9th of December 2019

Great ideas. I've made bath bombs & sugar scrubs!

Mary Gardner

Sunday 1st of December 2019

There are so many great ideas here! I really like the bath bombs.

Dana Rodriguez

Friday 29th of November 2019

These are all great ideas. I think gifts like these mean so much more than something store bought.

Debbie P

Tuesday 26th of November 2019

These are great and so many to choose from. My nieces will the the Mermaid Cupcake Bath Bombs and the Unicorn Sugar Scrub!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.