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30 Easter Egg Filler Ideas for Kids

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30 Easter Egg Fillers for Kids | ThisNThatwithOlivia.com

Looking to fill a couple eggs?  Or Hundreds for the  annual family hunt? Think outside of the box and fill them with fun things besides just candy. I have you covered with this list of 30 Easter Egg Filler Ideas that are sure to spark some creative springtime fun! Use your own judgement on whether the fillers are appropriate for the age group. 

  1. Small individually wrapped candy– This one is kind of obvious but nonetheless it is a great idea for stuffing eggs so include some candy in your eggs.I like to use individually wrapped hard candy that won’t melt on a warm day or attract critters.

  2. Hair things– Rubber bands, barrettes, hair bows, and bobby pins are a great item to add that is useful as well.

  3. Cars– If you use larger plastic eggs you can pop in a small car out of its packaging.

  4. Loose change– Kids love money and 10 pennies or 2 quarters are going to cause squeals of delight when they are discovered!

  5. Stickers– Buy multi packs and cut out individual stickers to include in some of your eggs.

  6. Temporary Tattoos– just like stickers you can cut them out and make them go farther.

  1. Erasers– A trip to the dollar store and you can find a bag full of cute shaped erasers to use.

  2. Ear Buds– Great for all those techno gadgets the kids have.

  3. Blind bags– Kids are crazy  for those mystery bags at the store that include LEGO minifigures, My Little Pony and more. Just fold the bag up and squish it inside.

  4. Dried fruit -Wrapped in small individual bags dried fruit is a welcome sweet change from chocolate and other typical Easter candy.

  5. Notes– Encouraging quotes, Bible Verses, silly jokes to bring a smile or a chuckle.

  6. Puzzle Pieces-Make your egg hunt have another fun aspect by placing individual pieces of a puzzle into eggs, at the end the kids  get to put it together! (keep the box handy)

  7. Small bubbles– Small wedding bubbles fit inside eggs that are slightly larger than your standard plastic Easter egg size and you can get a dozen in a pack at Dollar Tree.

  8. Shoe laces– I love fillers that are also useful! Use fun colors or even the coiled laces you don’t have to tie.

  1. Tickets– Roll up movie, sporting event, or other tickets inside eggs.

  2. Homemade coupons– Make your own coupons for things like 1 extra piece of candy after dinner, date with mom, or 15 extra minutes of TV.

  3. Playdough– You can either put small jars in large plastic eggs or bag up small blobs.

  4. Ball and Jacks– Simple small toys like jacks and a ball give long term enjoyment.

  1. Barbie clothes– You can purchase small clothing and accessory items fairly cheap

  2. Balloons– Depending on the age of the kids colorful balloons make a fun filler.

  3. Earrings–  You may need to cut down the card that the earrings come on but they are a great surprise to find inside!

  4. Plastic animals/army men– Grab a bag from the dollar store, you will find a wide variety of themed bags for filler.

  1. Small soaps– Store bought or homemade in fun little shapes.

  2. Socks– The Spot at Target has the best silly character socks, you may need to upgrade an egg size for these!

  3. Super Ball– Bouncy balls are great anytime of year!

  4. Bath tablets/fizzies– The best way to do bath tablets is to either make your own small ones or buy a bigger package and break it down into small bags as filler.

  1. Costume jewelry– Gather beads leftover from parades, cheap pieces picked up on clearance or at the dollar store and add some bling to those eggs!

  2. ABC Magnets– Divide up the letters for a fun learning hunt, they will want to do this one over and over!

  3. Beads– Add beads some and string to other eggs for DIY jewelry.

    30. Keychains– Older kids love using keychains as hangtags for their bookbags.

What are some ideas you have to fill Easter Eggs? 

Thank You For Sharing!!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.