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10 Items Perfect for the Easter Basket That Are Not Candy! #FCBlogger

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Non Candy Easter Gifts

Easter is a wonderful time of celebration with family and friends. However, there’s a huge stigma that every child has to get tons of candy for Easter, which isn’t true. There are tons of different items you can give a child, instead of candy. Check out these 10 items perfect for the Easter basket that are NOT candy!

#1. Money- What child doesn’t love to have money to spend? As long as the child is old enough, placing $1 bills in their Easter basket or plastic eggs is perfect.

#2. Sportsy goods- If your child loves sports like soccer or football, then the perfect items for their Easter basket include anything sports related. If you have a girl who loves sports, then this theme goes well for them too!

#3. Stuffed animals- It’s hard NOT to find stuffed animals during the Easter season. Find a cute little stuffed animal to put in your child’s Easter basket. I love these available HERE!

#4. Coloring and Activity Books- Most children love to color and do activities which is why coloring and activity books make the perfect addition to any Easter basket. Try to pick out your child’s favorite movie character or them to make it even more fun! Check out these adorable Coloring Books!

#5. Favorite books- If you’re trying to avoid the candy theme this year, then your kids will love the idea behind getting their favorite books. You can even get a series of books to help make the occasion even more awesome. We are building Liam’s book library up and I love the books available HERE!

#6. Board games- Depending on the size of the basket, board games are always an awesome Easter basket idea. Try giving your child a board game they’ve never played before and spend part of Easter playing the new board games.  Games are always fun for family time, I love these HERE!

#7. Bubbles or glow sticks- A few really fun ideas to include in an Easter basket include bubbles or glow sticks. Kids love these items and they’re sure to be a big hit.

#8. Pick a theme- If you are opting out of candy this year, then consider doing a specific theme for a party. Do your kids love pirates? Do a pirate themed Easter basket, they will love it. How about Veggie Tales? Check out the Veggie Tales merchandise available HERE.

#9. Cars/Accessories– Depending on the gender of your child, you can do a car themed Easter basket or an accessory themed Easter basket (makeup, necklaces, dress up clothing, and etc). I love these Resurrection Eggs for the Easter basket.

#10. Favorite non-candy snacks- Just because you’re avoiding candy for your child this year (or maybe they’re allergic) it doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy non-candy snacks! Think outside of the traditional Easter basket when shopping for non-candy snacks. Yum!

Finding that perfect item for the Easter basket can prove to be a challenge, but these tips will help you pick out that ideal non-candy Easter basket item. 


Thank You For Sharing!!

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Saturday 4th of April 2015

Where do these traditions start anyways? Why do people feel entitled to receive a gift every time a holiday rolls around? We had nothing to do with it. Pardon me, I get riled up over the commercialism tied to it all.And childhood obesity is an issue too.

denise low

Friday 3rd of April 2015

Thank you for the ideas. We try to get the grandkids a little something for easter.


Friday 3rd of April 2015

Great list. I love the books, sport gifts and non-candy ideas.


Friday 3rd of April 2015

our kids asked specifically for money in the easter eggs for their egg hunt

Michele Ash

Friday 3rd of April 2015

Thanks so much for the review/information on 10 Items Perfect for the Easter Basket That Are Not Candy! #FCBlogger! I sometimes purchase DVD's for the kids or CD's of the artists they love! The choices are endless when the kids are smaller! When they get a bit older the choices get harder. I used to go to the Dollar General or to the Dollar Tree to purchase Non-Candy items for their baskets! You can find so much fun and wonderful things there! Like small puzzles, hair bows, non-candy food items like cookies, or a cute little stuffed animal or pencils or pens that are Easter themed! Cute necklaces, small figurines, bows and clear wrapping for the baskets! I used to have a blast in those stores when my kids were little! Now they are older and they end up with more candy than little trinkets! I still look to see what I can find and usually do find a couple things for their baskets! Thanks so much for sharing your 10 Easter Gifts that are Non-Candy with all of us! I honestly do appreciate it! Thanks again, Michele :)

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.