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Win $150 for Evgie Wall Decals! @Evgie #WallDecals

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I am excited to share another AMAZING giveaway with you for Evgie Wall Decals. Aren’t the ones in the collage above fun and awesome?! Evgie has all kinds of home décor items for you in their amazing line of wall decals. Learn more in the below post and enter the giveaway for $150 credit below.

Spring is here! Has that given you the urge to redecorate? Evgie has wall decals that are easy to apply and can quickly change the appearance of any room. If you are expecting a new baby – you must check out the nursery decals. They are so beautiful and fun! Visit their Etsy store and favorite a few of the designs!

Evgie vinyl decals are made from high-quality matte vinyl which looks like they were painted on the wall. It is removable, so it’s simple to transform any room over and over again. Just peel and stick, it’s so easy! You can apply them to most smooth surfaces. It’s also removable and won’t damage walls!

More Reasons to Shop at Evgie.com

  • 100% SATISFACTION – If it turns you don’t love your decal you may ship it back and they will refund your money!
  • FREE test decal for you to practice on and EASY Step-by-step detailed instructions!
  • They can adjust the decal size larger or smaller and add additional colors. Contact them for pricing!
  • They offer custom designs. If you have an idea in mind of a custom design, let them know!

Here are a few of our favorites wall decals:

owl bear

Birches and Owl Wall Decal for Nursery


The owls are symbol of ancient Greek goddess of wisdom – Athena and this is why people think of owls as wise creatures but not only, are they also cute. It is making them very popular nursery décor component. The one that hard to resist with their large eyes detecting everything around and curious appealing personality.

We have created our version of owls’ wall decals set, that turned into one of the most desirable, reasonably priced yet made of excellent removable vinyl material. The owls come in a few colors and put together for you to simplify installation.

Teddy Bears Wall Decals


You would think Teddy Bears are just plush toys sitting quietly around? Not at all, they are trendy and curious animals doing all kinds of tricks enlightening your nursery room: climbing a tree, flying on a balloon, resting up high on a branch, playing hide and seek.

Teddy Bears wall decals became a huge hit right from the start, and we are proud of countless positive feedback from around the earth and happy customers who purchased it, this is one of the easiest to install and always results in stylish nursery. Welcome to Teddy Bears lovers club.

Inspired by Winnie-the-Pooh this decal set features five cute teddy bears.

rocket jungle Collage

Space Voyager with Custom Flag Name


Is your little explorer ready to launch rocket ship and go into space travel? Then you simply must own Custom Flag Name Outer Space wall decals set, it turns the room into fully blown control center operating multiple orbit stations and space-walkers. Are you ready for countdown? Cosmos is waiting for you. Start the engines of your voyager we are leaving soon! Three… two… one…

King of the Jungle Baby Nursery Decor


Are you decorating theme for your little King of the Jungle? Imagine roaring safari lions with monkeys playing tricks all around and large rainforest trees. Evgie nursery wall decals from Jungle Safari collection has been crafted especially to brighten the playroom and animate jungle themed nursery with African animals and recognized characters such as Lion King or Tarzan. You decide who your hero is!

teddy tropical Collage

Teddy Bears with Honey Pot


So, so cute! Teddy Bears with Honey Pot as cute as can Bee… Beehive inspired our new decal features two cute teddy bears climbing the tree and sitting with Bunnies, Bumble Bees with Large Trees. Removable Sticker is made using Top-Quality Matte Vinyl. Perfect to decorate and add your personal touch to any space, switch themes in child’s room. Elements come as separate pieces and you can arrange them anywhere you’d like! Included FREE test decal.

Jungle Safari Wall Decals Animals and Birds


Jungle Safari Wall Decals Animals is highly popular category of wall stickers with Monkeys, Giraffe, Parrot, Zebra and Elephant. It is handmade using Top-Quality Matte Vinyl and perfect to decorate and add your personal touches to any space or room.


Evgie wall decals are shipped worldwide! They will send them to Europe and Australia…even countries like France Netherland, German, England, and Italy!

Take advantage of the reduced prices and add some beautiful wall decals to any room!

Now for the giveaway. One person is going to win $150 to spend on wall decals! Just enter on the form below. Giveaway is open worldwide. It will end at 1159pm EST on May 6, 2016.

Thank You For Sharing!!

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Alison Billingsley

Friday 29th of April 2016

So many choices!!! Having both a son and daughter made picking a favorite particularly hard. I absolutely loved several of that space themed decals as well as the fairy wall decals with trees :) Definitely some super cute stuff!!!!

Wendy hutton

Wednesday 20th of April 2016

I love the family tree wall decal, and the trees with deer


Wednesday 20th of April 2016

I love the forest wall decaks

carol clark

Wednesday 20th of April 2016

Birches and Owl Wall Decal for Nursery - Nursery Wall Decal for kids room, Large 3 Birch Trees with 7 Cute Owls and Birdhouses - LTROWLS30

elizabeth miller

Wednesday 20th of April 2016

I love the Panda Bear Decal. It is absolutely adorable. I also love the monkey nursery. These seem so easy to use.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.