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How to Take Awesome Fall Family Photos

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Fall is one of the most beautiful of seasons to get your family photos. Hues of red, yellow, purple, blue, orange, pink, magenta, and brown create a picturesque landscape that makes the perfect background for family photos. Here are how to take awesome family photos this fall!

How to Take Awesome Fall Family Photos | ThisNThatwithOlivia.com

Make sure Your Clothes Match

One of the biggest things families do when taking photos together is where clothes that are all different colors and styles. Although, you don’t want to match exactly, you want your clothes to coordinate. So that one family member doesn’t stand out in a picture more than another. When you do family photos, you want everyone to equally stand out. You want your family to be beautiful all together. So, try to at least all where the same hues of a color or the same style of clothing. Here are some tips to coordinate colors without all wearing exactly the same thing:

  • Coordinate shoes and accessories to the color of on person’s shirt.
  • Wear layers to layer colors together.
  • Don’t wear all different prints. Instead coordinate plane colors to one printed shirt.

Match the Colors with the Season

Since you are taking pictures in the fall, you don’t want to blend into your surroundings, but you don’t want to look like Christmas in July either. When you choose to get fall pictures during the changing colors of the leaves, consider the following clothes colors:

  • Grays with bursts of colors. For example, a gray shirt with a yellow scarf; a gray and yellow patterned dress; a yellow dress with gray shoes. Gray is a little different than the many colors of fall, but adding a pop of fall color in your attire, like yellow, can really pop it out.
  • Wear brown and red. As the colors change, there are different hues of browns, reds, and oranges. Try to coordinate those colors into your style. Wear brown slacks and a red shirt. A pair of brown boots with a red dress can look gorgeous.
  • Wear oranges, yellow, and soft greens. With so many different fall colors, you can really mix and match your colors around to incorporate them all.

Pick a primary color you want to stick out in each person and go with it. Use accessories to accentuate the color.

Take Pictures at the Right Time of the Day

I can’t stress enough how important the right time of day is for taking pictures. This is important because photographers will usually ask what time you are available to take your pictures. Although they know peak times, they will go by what fits into your schedule. So, it is important to know peak times for getting awesome family photos. Here are just a few:

  • Pre-sunrise: The lighting right before the sun rises in the sky gives a perfect bluish hue. The sun isn’t high enough to blur the photos, but is still dim enough to have a different color effect.
  • Morning: After sunrise until mid-morning is usually the perfect time for pictures. At this time, the sun provides great lighting for land
  • Afternoon: You can get similar pictures in the late afternoon as you can in the morning. However, the colors will be a little warmer.
  • Dusk: Right after the sun completely goes down in the sky is when getting cityscape pictures works the best. This is because it is dark enough to get rid of shadows, but still light enough to capture cool colors such as blues, purples, oranges, and browns.

Capturing your photos when the lighting is best is key to having awesome family photos.

Get an Experienced Photographer

Inexpensive packages are great, but like anything in life, you get what you pay for. If you want awesome family photos this fall, you need to get an experienced photographer. Ask questions such as:

  • When is the best time to get my pictures outside?
  • What colors should we wear?
  • What backgrounds with you be capturing?

Knowing what the photographer is thinking and that they are thinking about how to give you the best pictures will help you to decide on a photographer. What other tips do you have for getting awesome family photos this fall? Share it in the comments below!


Thank You For Sharing!!

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Kira T

Friday 30th of September 2016

This is perfect! We are about to take some family photos! Thanks for sharing these great tips!

Sarah Muennix

Friday 30th of September 2016

Love these tips - especially with all the beautiful fall leaves changing colors and orchard visits....this helps ensure the perfect pic!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.