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Tips for Organizing Your Family Vehicle + FREE Travel Organization Checklist!

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Have you ever gotten in your vehicle and were instantly embarrassed? Maybe it’s time the family vehicle gets a makeover from the trash and clutter. Here are some tips for organizing your family vehicle.

Tips for Organizing Your Family Vehicle + FREE Travel Organization Checklist!

Clear Out the Clutter

Before any vehicle can be organized, the vehicle needs cleaned out. Have the whole family pitch in to get all of the trash out it. Make sure to look between the seats and under the seats. Trash can lurk in the most unlikely places.

Utilize Hanging Organizers

Some of the best organizers for the vehicle are ones that hang down over the seats. These hanging organizers are perfect for placing personal items. When you go to retrieve the item, you’ll know exactly where it’s at.

Have a Car Emergency Kit in Place

Pick out a spot in your vehicle that’s ideal for a car emergency kit. You’ll be glad you have this kit if anything goes awry, such as a flat tire or engine issue. Whenever you organize the family vehicle, always take inventory and ensure everything you need in case of an emergency is in the kit.

Make the Rules Clear

So many families are on the go these days that’s it is easy to allow them to eat and drink in the vehicle. If you have dreams of a clean vehicle. Make the rules clear to your kids so that all of your efforts don’t become undone. Example- no eating or drinking in the vehicle.

Trash Gets Removed Every Time

Each time your family leaves the vehicle, all trash must be taken with them. You can place a reminder in the vehicle if this helps keep it clean. Even little ones can help grab items that don’t belong in the vehicle, when it’s time to exit.

Important Papers in One Spot

Not that you will ever get pulled over or be in an accident, but just in case, it’s important to have all of the important papers in one spot. It’s nice to be able to grab the papers without rustling around the vehicle. It would also be wise to have your emergency contact and insurance information in this spot.

Clean the Vehicle Once a Week

In order to keep chaos from ensuing in your vehicle, it’s important to clean out the vehicle at least once a week. This isn’t ordinary cleaning, this is cleaning that helps make sure your vehicle stays organized.

  • Wash the windows
  • Vacuum the carpet
  • Remove the clutter
  • Clean out around the seats
  • Empty unnecessary contents from back of the vehicle or trunk

Use the Vehicle Space Appropriately

If you have little ones, it may seem as though there’s not much space to work with. That’s where using the vehicle space appropriately is important. Place items like diaper bags underneath the seats. Have a specific place for the trash and keep personal belonging in the hanging organizers mentioned earlier.

Organizing your vehicle may seem monotonous, but if you keep up on it, your family vehicle can remain clean and organized for many years to come. Do you have any tips to add?

FREE Travel Organization Printable

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