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Father’s Day Gifts for the First Time Dad! #FCBlogger

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Fathers day 2

Father’s Day is right around the corner, in fact it is just a few weeks away! Can you believe it is already June?! It is crazy to think that the Summer weather, and our busy months for birthdays is here already. Along with all of that, it is time to honor our fathers on their special day. I have a tough time finding the perfect Father’s Day gifts- I want something that they’ll use and something that is memorable and thoughtful. Father’s Day is a time to honor those men in our lives that do so much!

Liam joined our family in September 2014, and I am excited for Garrett to celebrate his first official Father’s Day! I have found searching for gifts challenging as I want to honor him as his wife for being a fantastic father but also as a Dad from Liam for being the best Dad ever. 🙂 I’ve searched for some awesome gifts for the First Time Dad and would like to share my favorites with you.

Dad Frame

1. Keepsakes: Picture Frames, plaques and memorable items are great gifts for Fathers. These have the ability to share what you love most about them and they can display it for years to come.

2. Music: I love music and so does my husband, Dad and Father in Law. A new CD or something that they really want is a fantastic gift. It is something that they can listen to on their way to work and think of those that gave it to him.

3. Journal: My husband loves to take notes while reading his Bible and loves to take a nice journal to church. I think that a new journal would be a great gift along with a new Bible.

Mens bible

4. Bible: I recently got a new Bible (for Mother’s Day) and my husband has mentioned that he wants a new one. Check out the selection of Bibles for Him HERE.

5. Apparel & Accessories: There are a variety of shirts and accessories that men would like to receive as gifts for Father’s Day. There are inspirational ones as well as just the traditional “best Dad” merchandise.


Thank You For Sharing!!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.