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How to be Frugal and Also Realistic About Saving Money

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How to be Frugal and Also Realistic About Saving Money |

Saving money and being frugal, it seems to be all the rage. However, sometimes it can be overwhelming to think about every single penny you need to save. I’m here to tell you that you can be frugal and realistic about saving money. You’re not alone in this money saving endeavor and there is no reason to pretend you are perfect at it. Here are a few tips on being frugal, but also being realistic about saving money.

#1. Have a plan in place

I don’t care who you are, it’s much easier to be frugal whenever you have a plan in place. Of course, it’s important to note that plans fail, but at least you tried. Without a plan in place, you wouldn’t be able to fail. Being frugal takes a lot of work, so it’s nice to have that plan in place.

#2. Do the best you can

Another way to be frugal and realistic about saving money is to do the best you can. Your life is not an episode of Extreme Couponers. You are real live person trying to save a realistic amount of money. Do the best you can in this department. You will get better over time.

#3. Ask for some guidance

No one is an expert on saving money without having some sort of experience. When it comes down to being frugal and realistic, make sure you ask for some guidance. Find someone in your family that is awesome at saving money. Ask questions, dive in, and become that expert money saver that you long to be.

#4. Small savings matter too

Some people get so caught up in trying to save “the big bucks” that they miss out on the small wins. Saving the small amounts adds up, so note that these small savings matter too. I think it’s much more realistic to save “small” than it is to save big. Don’t get me wrong, saving BIG is awesome, but it’s not always realistic.

#5. Take it one decision at a time

Sometimes, just sometimes you don’t want to be frugal and that’s okay. Realistically, everyone gets tired of trying to save their pennies from time to time. You can EASILY take saving money one decision at a time. Just remember those small decisions can add up to big savings. Just don’t beat yourself up over one bad decision.

Just remember, not everyone is amazing at being frugal. Although being frugal is super important, it’s not always worth your sanity. What’s your favorite way to be frugal? Let’s hear it.

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