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Gerber “Formula For Happiness” #FormulaforHappiness

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This post is part of a sponsored campaign with Gerber® and MomSelect. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Our son, Liam, just turned a year old a little under a month ago! I remember the day he was born just like it was yesterday and cannot believe that a year has passed. He truly is the light of my world and my husband and I are over the moon proud of the little boy he is becoming.

Liam Day he was Born

When he was a newborn, I remember feeling overwhelmed with the amount of advice and input I was hearing. I remember the long nights of constant feedings, no sleep, etc. I also remember the first time he got a cold- he was helpless and I wanted to make him better. No matter how prepared I thought I was for motherhood, I was not ready for the surprises that came along the way. To get through those tough times you need to have a #FormulaForHappiness for yourself and your family. What is yours?

What is Our Formula for Happiness?

Family Walk

Our family’s formula for happiness is simple- spending time together just relaxing or even going for a nice walk. As far as my personal formula for happiness it is getting to take a shower without interruptions, or even getting some time to read. My family is the most important thing in my life and as a working Mom, I have to find special times to myself that do not take away from my family’s needs.

Daddy and Liam

I love to watch my husband interact with Liam – he truly is a fantastic father. Liam looks to his Daddy for laughs and special playtime. He and Daddy have their activities and Mommy and Liam have them too! Daddy loves to give Liam baths, make car noises and they love to play together with Liam’s toys. Another special thing is when Daddy takes Liam outside with him to throw the tennis ball for our black labs, Keira and Mack. Liam LOVES the dogs and is getting a good throwing arm on him ;).

What is YOUR Formula for Happiness?

Liam 1 year old

Gerber knows that everyone has their own formula for happiness and is there to help all Moms and Dads! You can make a FREE appointment on the Gerber Good Start Experts page with Gerber’s certified sleep consultant, nutritionist, or lactation consulting to get all the help you need in raising your little ones.

Gerber® Good Start® Gentle has a Certified Sleep Consultant to support expectant and new parents, Christina Gantcher. She is there to provide a FREE and personal 1-on-1 baby sleep consultation.  to support expectant and new parents by providing free, personal 1-on-1 baby sleep consultations. Liam still has nights where he doesn’t sleep through the night – so these resources are vital for Moms struggling with their children’s sleep like me!

Make a free appointment with Gerber® Good Start® Gentle’s new certified baby sleep consultant, or with their nutritionist or certified lactation consultant at gerber.com/experts.

While you’re waiting for your call check out these tips from Christina Gantcher:

Top Sleep advice

  • In working with many moms, it’s clear that when baby doesn’t sleep, it is more challenging for mom to get through her day. As a mom myself, when baby sleeps, everyone sleeps, and a feeling of happiness extends to the entire household.
  • I recommend implementing a few gentle sleep strategies to get your baby on the path to sleeping well. These include:
    • Put feeding first to ensure your child is eating at regular intervals and gaining weight at a healthy pace
    • Establish a dedicated sleep space to allow your child to begin associating a quiet, dark room with sleeping
    • Begin putting your child down while he/she is sleepy but awake, once or twice a week, so he/she can learn how to put him/herself asleep independently.
  • Remember to be patient with yourself and your child. At this young age, babies are extremely malleable and change quickly as they develop. If you’re patient with yourself and your child, you can help your baby learn how to sleep independently.

Thank You For Sharing!!

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Mandy P.

Sunday 1st of November 2015

I was not aware that Gerber offered so many great consultation services! Thanks for sharing, and thanks for the sleep tips, too!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.