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Go, Dog. Go! on Netflix + Interview with Adam Peltzman, Executive Producer

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Go, Dog. Go is available on Netflix and is a show you and your kiddos will want to check out!

Did you read the book Go, Dog. Go as a child? Is it a book that your little ones enjoy? I remember reading and loving this book as a kid and my son loves it too!

Dreamworks decided to bring this book to life in the newest series on Netflix! This show is available on Netflix today and is going to be something you want to watch.

About Go, Dog, Go

Based on PD Eastman’s best-selling, classic children’s book (over 8 million copies sold!), Go, Dog. Go! follows 6-year-old Tag Barker on her adventures in the city of Pawston, a fun-loving community of dogs on the go.

Tag is a skilled mechanic and loves anything that goes. With her ingenuity and creativity, Tag can go as far as any plan will take her with her best friend Scooch Pooch by her side.

Executive produced by Adam Peltzman (Odd SquadWallykazam!), Go, Dog. Go! zooms its way on to Netflix January 26.


Release Date: January 26, 2021

Episodes: 9 episodes (22 minutes)

Cast: Michaela Luci as Tag Barker, Callum Shoniker as Scooch Pooch, Katie Griffin as Ma Barker, Martin Roach as Paw Barker, Lyon Smith as Spike Barker and Gilber Barker, Tajja Isen  as Cheddar Biscuit, Judy Marshank as Grandma Barker, Patrick McKenna as Grandpaw Barker

Executive Producer: Adam Peltzman (Odd SquadBlue’s CluesWallykazam!)

Interview with Adam Peltzman, Executive Producer of Go, Dog. Go!

Adam Peltzman took a few moments to chat with me about the newest series, Go, Dog. Go!

Adam Peltzman, Executive Producer, Go, Dog. Go!

Do you have a favorite character in the show?

Adam – “Well, its hard to choose – my dogs, my kids, you know! It may be a little too easy of an answer, but Tag. It’s hard to not feel the most attached to the main character. She’s the driver of all stories and she ended up being a fun energy to write. She’s such a catalyst. She’s interested in everything going on around her and connecting to her community. The show has a wider community of all these colorful characters and Tag is like the conduit to all of that. I also have a soft spot for weird random characters like “manhole dog” who is a dog who pops up out of a manhole and makes weird comments. He isn’t a main character but I feel connected to him.”

This is a staple book in all of our homes. I am curious as to what you want parents to know about this show?

Adam- “I think and hope that it is just something fun to watch as. family. Projects I work on I want to hit the core audience but I also want the kids to watch with their family. We have humor in there for the whole family. Beyond that we want to model this sense of positive community. A community that is well functioning where its members respect each other. They have their issues, light hearted issues, that they work through. Tag is a part of that community and works hard to bring the characters together. Hopefully kids will watch it and see the larger world that they live in and connect from there.”

What made you pick Go, Dog. Go!?

Adam – “Dreamworks came to me and pitched the idea. They had the book and knew they wanted to make a show. they asked me if I responded to it and I did. In both from remembering it as a kid and looking through it again. It has a one of a kind tone to it and the spirit of these dogs that they seem so fun loving. Sort of illogical but in a way that makes sense. To really get simple with an answer, it looked and sounded like fun to translate the book into a show. Turns out it was!”

Do you have a favorite episode?

Adam – “I don’t think I have a favorite episode. It’s funny because we finish an episode and then watch it through, and you’re like oh maybe thats my favorite! I have a soft spot for the first episode because maybe I worked on it the longest, but also that its the first episode of the show. I also like the last one of this season, Tag has something that she is trying to do throughout the entire season and it finally culminates in the last episode.”

About Adam Peltzman

Adam Peltzman is the executive producer of the Netflix original series from DreamWorks Animation and WildBrain, Go, Dog. Go! , based on P.D. Eastman’s classic, best-selling children’s book.

A five-time Emmy Award-winning creator, writer and producer, Peltzman began his career on the hit show, Blue’s Clues , where he served as head writer for multiple seasons.

He subsequently moved on to working as head writer on the well-known series The Electric Company and The Backyardgians.

Peltzman’s credits include serving as creator on Nickelodeon’s Wallykazam! as well as co-creator of the PBS Kids series Odd Squad. Adding to his repertoire, Peltzman also co-created the WNYC fictional family podcast, This Podcast Has Fleas (starring Jay Pharoah and Alec Baldwin).

Peltzman graduated from Wesleyan University and currently lives in Los Angeles.

Thank You For Sharing!!

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Donna Hup

Tuesday 26th of January 2021

This looks adorable! I can't wait to watch it with my nephew.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.