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FREE Grove Collaborative Home Kit!!

Thank You For Sharing!!

Score a FREE Grove Collaborative Home Kit!

There are so many things that you can order online that I rarely go into a store nowadays. When I do go into a store, it is a quick stop for something or even an order pickup.

Grove Collaborative is one of my favorite places to order from as they offer everything that I need to keep my house cleaned and more!! I order body wash, cleaning products, and more from them.

These products are shipped directly to my home and are cheaper than I could get them in a store. Plus, these are brands that I couldn’t find in one spot together!!

FREE Home Kit for NEW Grove Collaborative Customers

Start your Grove experience today and receive a FREE Home Bundle with your first purchase of $20+

Grove Collaborative loves to reward NEW customers and offer them a FREE gift with their first order. This home kit is an awesome value and one that I highly recommend.

You can score this free kit by just spending $20.

How to Order your FREE Grove Collaborative Home Kit

  1. Sign up for Grove Collaborative here. You will receive the Home Kit for free when you sign up!
  2. To receive this offer, your order needs to be a minimum of $20. Choose the combination of products and scents you love and receive your first box within a few days. 
  3. You made it! Click Finish & Pay and place your order.

Note that you are on a subscription service BUT you can modify or cancel at anytime right in your account. I have products come every other month or so depending on my family’s needs!

Thank You For Sharing!!

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Tuesday 10th of December 2019

I've seen their ads on Instagram but never really looked into them. This seems like a pretty good company


Tuesday 10th of December 2019

Yes, I order from them every month. My favorite is the Ginger Mango Fabric Softener!

Debbie P

Sunday 8th of December 2019

This is very nice.


Saturday 7th of December 2019

I've seen Grove Collaborative online so much -- and on TV commercials. I even signed up to be an affiliate, but haven't tried it yet.

Antoinette M

Friday 6th of December 2019

Great gift with purchase. I like that you are free to cancel anytime.

monique s

Thursday 5th of December 2019

What a lovely home kit. Awesome it is free.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.