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5 Ways to Be Happy! @CentsOfStylellc #CentsOfStyle

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Finding joy and happiness in day to day tasks is essential for our health. There are so many things that we have to get done around the house that it is easy to grow sick and tired of doing these tasks. I’m talking about the ones that we hate to do but we have to do – like cleaning toilets, changing diapers, washing and putting away laundry, etc. There are ways, however, to find happiness in these tasks. 
5 Ways to Be Happy! @CentsOfStyle #CentsOfStyle

As a busy Mom to a toddler who also works outside of the home and has a business, I find myself falling into this trap all too often. My weekends are spent catching up on the things that I didn’t get to do through the week! These tasks like laundry and vacuuming are pushed to the sidelines a lot because I want to spend as much time as possible with my little family on the nights I am home through the week. There are a few ways that I’ve found that help me to be happy in all that I do. 

5 Ways to Be Happy

  1. Take Time for Yourself — I cannot stress this enough and I fail miserably most days. This doesn’t have to be a long amount of time but it does need to happen. I’ve shared 10 Ways to Find 10 Minutes to Yourself and find myself referencing this list almost daily. 10 minutes spent reading a book, exercising or even taking a hot shower are important to your well being. 
  2. Make Memories — Find a way to involve the whole family in the daily tasks. I’ve been involving my toddler in switching the laundry from the washer to the dryer. He absolutely LOVES to help and I’m enjoying and soaking up those smiles each chance I get. 
  3. Get More Sleep — This is easier said than done, I know! This is vital to your overall health and mental well being. Set a bedtime and a wake up time that is reasonable but still gives you enough sleep. 
  4. Get Outside  — A breath of fresh air is sometimes all I need to get me through the day at work! In the evenings when it is warmer outside, our family goes outside and just spends time out there playing together. It is so nice to just ‘get away’ for a bit. 
  5. Practice Smiling & Encourage Others  — Smiling is a sign of joy and happiness. Try to smile through everything and you’ll notice a difference in your life, promise. Also, encourage others by smiling or giving a compliment. It will make you feel good!! 

These are some of the way that I’ve worked to be happy in my daily life and I’ve noticed a huge difference. These are very easy things to do, too! 

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Which shirt is your favorite?

Thank You For Sharing!!

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Jenna Hudson

Wednesday 5th of July 2017

I needed these tips thank you! Getting outside really helps especially that it's nice out!


Friday 28th of April 2017

That shirt is adorable! It would make me smile every time I saw it in the mirror or when looking down. Your tips are great. Getting outside always boosts my mood and changes my perspective (and our three year old daughter's, too)! More sleep is always a good thing!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.