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Healthy Summer Snacks for Kids

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Healthy Summer Snacks for Kids

Summer is nearing, which means that you are about to have your children home, all day, begging for snacks. Any parent can load up the snack drawer with Oreos, potato chips, donuts and cheese puffs that your children can snack on when their bellies start to rumble, but why not try something different this summer? There are tons of healthy snack options. Some take a little bit of prep work, but if it makes it easier, and more fun for your child to consume, why not?

Healthy Summer Snacks for Kids

Fruit Smoothies — Instead of letting your kids reach for a pop from the fridge, offer them a fruit smoothie! The options are endless. Peanut butter banana, strawberry peach, or mango pineapple. Grab whatever fresh fruit you have sitting on your counter, or in your fridge, ice, and milk, yogurt or juice. Let the kids help you fill up the blender, and they can grab a seat while it blends. If you choose to use frozen fruit you can omit the ice.

Fruit Popsicles — Playing outside in the heat will make any kid crave ice cream. Frozen yogurt is a little healthier than ice cream, but you could also choose to go the frozen popsicle route. There are many varieties now that are sugar free, and packed with real fruit, but they are simple to make yourself, as well. You can find popsicle molds at the dollar store if you are not looking to spend much.

Frozen Yogurt –Cold yogurt is great on a warm summer day, but have you ever had it frozen? Toss yogurt tubes in the freezer for an easy frozen treat, or scoop some yogurt into a Ziploc back, snip the tip, and squeeze drops out on a wax covered baking sheet. Place it in the freezer for a few hours and they will be ready for a great afternoon snack!

Fresh Fruit & Veggies — Eating fruit and vegetables in the winter tastes mediocre because they’re not in season. When you wait until the summer and serve in season fruits and veggies, it makes all the difference in the world. Don’t forget to offer your kids fresh fruits and veggies as a healthy summer snack.

Serving healthy snacks for your kids this summer may be a bit of a battle, but it’s a war you can win. Keep offering your kids healthy options, they will eventually take to it. When you take away their unhealthy snack options, what other options do they have? They will get hungry eventually! What are your healthy summer snack options for your kids?

Thank You For Sharing!!

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Dorothy Boucher

Wednesday 24th of November 2021

I am always making sure that the children have fruit and vegetables. I sometimes have to hide the greens into the mac and cheese LOLL. @tisonlyme143

Brittany Gilley

Tuesday 2nd of March 2021

thanks for these great ideas

megan allen

Monday 1st of March 2021

Yum! I cant wait for summer snacks! Thank you for sharing!

Mary Gardner

Friday 6th of December 2019

These are great ideas. We also try to keep low fat cheeses and nuts around for snacking as well as fresh fruit.

Karen Propes

Monday 27th of May 2019

We love fresh fruit! Smoothies and fruit popsicles all the time in the Summer. Nothing like cutting back on sugar and being healthy and feeling healthy.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.