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How to Keep Clutter From Taking Over Your Life!

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How to Keep Clutter from Taking Over Your Life

Clutter is one of those things that you know is there even if you choose to ignore it. There are ways you can get rid of the clutter and keep it from coming back. The bottom line is that when you have too much stuff, it takes over your life. Here are ways you can keep clutter from taking over your life:

#1. Stop buying unless you need it.

One of the reasons clutter has taken over so many households is that we keep buying even when we don’t need the items. A big way to keep clutter from taking over your life is to stop buying!

#2. Clear out things you don’t need inside of the home.

How many people are guilty of hoarding items that they may need later? Going through each drawer and closet in your house and getting rid of those items can help keep clutter from taking over your life. The big secret is that you have to stay on it! Make it a weekly commitment to go into your closets and drawers to remove the extra.

#3. Get rid of items you have an emotional attachment to.

Moms have emotional attachments to their items, and so do dads! If you are storing up items from your kids’ childhoods it may be time to say goodbye. It’s okay to hold onto a few things, but parting with the majority of the items is a good idea. A good rule of thumb is that if you haven’t used the item in at least a year or two, then it’s time to part ways.

#4. Get the paper under control.

Here are some ways you can get the paper clutter in your house under control. Unsubscribe from magazines that you no longer read or use. Recycle the paper mail that you bring in and do not use. File the bills away right away! Scan as many items as you can to help keep the house free of paper clutter. Back up items on a place like DropBox, so you know they are safe and sound in case of an emergency. You can even put a shredder in your home to help get rid of the important paper clutter!

#5. Get rid of even the tiniest items.

Another secret to keeping clutter away is to not let it build up. Everyone has those little drawers filled with anything and everything. Want to know a secret? Get rid of it! By the time you keep all of those items you “might” use, you can just buy a new one for cheap later. Keeping clutter isn’t worth the price you pay in emotional distress.

#6. Have a donation box ready.

Some people feel bad about throwing away perfectly good items. That’s where a donation box comes in handy. You put it in your living room and every time you come across an item you want to donate, you put it in the box. When the box gets full, you remove it from your home and donate to a charity.


Keeping the clutter from controlling your life is a preventative measure. You have to be able to say NO to clutter so that it doesn’t build up and take over your home. Hopefully these tips will help keep you on track and away from clutter.

Thank You For Sharing!!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.