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Introducing Itty Bitty Prettys Tea Party Surprise — Host a Fun Par-Tea!

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What were your favorite childhood activities? I absolutely LOVED being outdoors with my sisters playing with our neighborhood friends games of hide and seek, tag, hopscotch and the like. Life was so much simpler back then! My Mom would flash the porch light when it was time to come inside for bedtime, and that was that!

Oh how I miss those days. Do you? Zuru Toys is looking to bring some of that fun back with their Itty Bitty Prettys Tea Party Surprise. Host FUN Tea parties where you unlock an entire world of creativity with this set that brings back the fun!

What is Tea Party Surprise?

With this adorable set, you can host a fun Tea Party that combines a variety of activities including doll play, crafting, collectibility, and surprises in one line of toys. You’ll find 13 characters that include punk rockers, beautiful ballerinas, unicorn princesses and more that feature sharable clothing, magic tea bags with fizzy sugar cubes, and surprise jewelry!

Itty Bitty Prettys Giant Teacup Playset

The Giant Teacup Playset includes everything one needs to host the most epic tea party.  

Available in two surprise friendship themes each with two dolls, the respective themed playset features more than 25 surprises including:

  • A convertible table
  • Spoon,
  • Working teacup and teapot
  • Stylish accessories including shoes and jewelry
  • Two Itty Bitty pets
  • Dissolvable tea bags
  • Fizzing ‘sugar’ cubes
  • + more.

Four dolls plus a rare Itty bitty Pretty can be found in the The Giant Teacup Playset. Designed for ages 4+, Itty Bitty Pretty Little Tea Cups will be available for $29.99.

Itty Bitty Prettys Little Tea Cup

Itty Bitty Prettys Little Tea Cup features 12 surprises and eight fabulous dolls to collect.

The Little Tea Cup includes:

  • A working teacup
  • A saucer that also serves as a doll stand
  • An Itty Pretty doll
  • A swapable doll outfit
  • A set of stylish accessories including shoes, jewelry, eyewear and more.  

Additional tea party must-haves include a magic teaba, fizzing cube, cotton candy dough and more.  Designed for ages 4+, Itty Bitty Prettys Little Tea Cups will be available for $9.99.

Where To Buy

The Itty Bitty Prettys Tea Party Little Teacup Doll is available at Walmart.com right now. Soon, you’ll be able to find the Giant and Little Tea Cups at Walmart, too! Then, in August, you can grab them on Amazon and Target!

World Tea Party – 8/8/20

ZURU is hosting a global Itty Bitty Prettys World Tea Party on August 8th!

TikTok and YouTube influencers will celebrate the launch, share fun tea party ideas, and much more. It’s all about friendship, fashion, and of course lots of fun. Are you ready to Par-TEA?

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Saturday 25th of July 2020

That looks really adorable.


Saturday 25th of July 2020

Tea parties, hide and seek and mud pies. I love how simple life was then. This would be loved by young ones everywhere! It would be the perfect bathtub toy too.


Friday 24th of July 2020

Love it!!! I loved having tea parties as a kid! These look so much cooler than the tea sets we had!

Donna Hup

Thursday 23rd of July 2020

These are the cutest! I have a niece who is obsessed with them!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.