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5 Kid Friendly Destinations in the USA

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5 Kid Friendly Destinations in the USA

Have you ever wanted to take your kids somewhere fun, but weren’t sure where to go? There are some destinations in the USA that are perfect for kids. Whether you’re pushing the kids in a stroller or they’re walking alongside you exploring, you can’t go wrong with these 5 kid friendly destinations in the USA.

Orlando, Florida

When you don’t know where else to take your kids, always head to Orlando. It’s the perfect destination for people who have kids. Disney World is one of the most popular kid friendly activities people do while in Orlando, but there is also much more to do. Universal Studios Orlando is another kid friendly activity to do in Orlando. You’ll find plenty of museums, beaches, and parks to enjoy too! Plus, there are condos, resorts, and houses to stay at, while you enjoy this time with the family.

Branson, Missouri

Looking for something fun to do with the family? Head to Branson, Missouri. You have probably heard of this location for taking the family and it’s because there is so much to do, while there. Staying, eating, and playing in Branson, Missouri is a dream for families. There is tons of lodging, so you can enjoy a few days away with the family. Branson, Missouri is built around families having fun.

Grand Canyon

You wouldn’t think that looking at a big cliff with the family would be fun, but it is. In fact, it’s ranked as one of the top kid friendly destinations in the USA. The area where the Grand Canyon is located is noted as a National Park, which means there is plenty of beauty to take in. You’ll find that there is hiking, kayaking, and much more. This might be a destination that’s better with bigger kids, but it’s still very family friendly.

Washington D.C.

A family friendly destination that you will want to take your family to is Washington D.C. This place has it figured out. There are parks, museums, national monuments, and so much more your family can enjoy. A really good reason to visit this area is that there is so much FREE stuff to do, which is perfect for families. Plus, everyone gets a little history lesson in along the way.

Chicago, Illinois

Many families head to Chicago to get the feel of a big city, but not as big as New York. Navy Pier, Lincoln Park Zoo, walking down town, all the museums, and walking along the lake are all amazing adventures to take while enjoying time with the family. Chicago is known as the Windy City, but it’s such a great place to families to relax and enjoy each other.

What would be your first choice for visiting one of these kid friendly destinations in the USA?

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