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Kylie Mae’s Birth Story {Welcoming our Third Child}

Thank You For Sharing!!

We recently welcomed our third child into our family, Kylie Mae. We are blessed beyond measure to have her here and I’m excited to share her birth story.

We found out that we were expecting this precious little one back in March, 2022! Her due date was slated for December 3, 2022 which is SO close to what her big sister’s due date was (12/7/22) so I wasn’t sure how close their birthdays would be! Would we have 2 under 2?

Welcome Kylie Mae -- >> Here's Her Birth Story!

Liam was an induction due to intrauterine growth restriction (IUGR) that ultimately resulted in a c-section. Sofie was a surprise vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC) (Our Birth Story – Welcome Sofie Elizabeth!) in 2020. I had planned for an unmedicated VBAC for Kylie too!

Showing a lot sooner this time around! Kylie's Birth Story

My pregnancy with Kylie was rough in the beginning with more nausea, exhaustion and overall just blah feeling than my previous pregnancies. I seriously could NOT keep my eyes open in the beginning. It was wild compared to my other pregnancies. After I got through the beginning of pregnancy, it got much easier.

Sofie loved my belly :)

As this was my 3rd pregnancy, I started to show a lot faster than I did with Liam or Sofie. We told our families earlier this time around too – on Mother’s Day! As the pregnancy continued, I had to start seeing Maternal Fetal Medicine due to my prior history of IUGR and the fact that I am Advanced Maternal Age.

Welcome Kylie Mae -- >> Here's Her Birth Story!

Maternal Fetal Medicine Appointment at 32w

Thankfully, the appointments all went well and there were no concerns with her growth or development. We continued through the pregnancy and got things ready at home for her arrival. We had our final growth scan at 32 weeks and the MFM doctor stated that this may be my biggest baby yet. Liam was 5lb 12oz. and Sofie was 5lb 6oz so I wasn’t sure what to expect, but figured Kylie would be tiny!

32w growth scan

Switching OB Practices

At 34 weeks pregnant, I decided to switch OB practices. This was a tough decision to make, but I am so grateful that I did. There were numerous reasons with the primary being that the new practice and hospital were 5-7 minutes from our house.

At 36 weeks I was asked to start weekly non-stress tests due to being AMA. I was nervous, to be honest, because I had one NST with Liam and then was immediately induced. However, as mentioned above, we had concerns about him with is IUGR. His induction was rough- 3 days long!

Welcome Kylie Mae -- >> Here's Her Birth Story!

The NSTs with Kylie were great. They were considered reactive, and all looked great. I opted for a cervical check at 36w where I found out I was already 3cm dilated and 50% effaced. I was thinking that Kylie may have made a debut around the time her brother and sister did but she made me wait……

The Start of the Birth Story

At 38 weeks I was checked again and the dilation and effacement had not changed. At this appointment they mentioned an elective induction which I refused. There was no need to rush into that yet. At 39 weeks I had a NST and another cervical check. This time I had made significant progress and was now 4cm dilated and 80% effaced. That check was around 1:45pm and I went about my day.

Halloween 2022

Around 3pm or so I started to have some cramping but nothing earth shattering or timetable. However, around 430pm or so, I noticed that these were definitely timetable contractions, and so I started tracking. Tuesday nights are our family dinner nights so we were planning to go over to Grammy’s for family dinner.

We got ready and headed out the door to head to Grammy’s and by this point, I think my contractions were 7-9 minutes apart. We got a text that the main bridge over to where Grammy lives was shut down due to an accident. So, we decided to go to Red Robin instead since we couldn’t get over that way.

We ate dinner and the contractions continued. We left Red Robin, went to Target to get a pickup order and then came home. The contractions continued and picked up in intensity. At this point, they were like 5 minutes apart. Garrett went ahead and called his parents (who also live over the bridge) to let them know to come on over.

Welcome Kylie Mae -- >> Here's Her Birth Story

That is when we got ANOTHER text saying that the bridge was shut down AGAIN due to another accident. My in laws left their house and joined in the line of traffic to get over the bridge. Garrett and I got home, he loaded the bags in the car, I made Liam’s lunch, did the dishes, etc. At this point contractions were 2-3 minutes apart and intense!

I labored a LOT in the garage waiting for my in laws to get there. Garrett backed the car out so we could leave as soon as they were here. Contractions were about 2 minutes apart lasting for 45 seconds or so at this point. We saw my in laws pull in and we left at 8:55pm.

Welcome Kylie Mae -- >> Here's Her Birth Story

Arrival at the Hospital – > Immediate Delivery (Kylie’s Birth Story)

We arrived at the hospital around 9pm and had to go in via the ER and then walk the LONG hallway to the elevator, go to the second floor and check in to labor and delivery. We got up there around 9:10pm and into a room by 9:15pm. We were immediately taken into a L&D room versus triage. The nurse asked me to change into the gown and give a urine sample. However, she heard me in the bathroom having horrible contractions and said “change of plans, come out here.” She was so worried that I was going to have the baby on the toilet.

I went out and laid on the bed and she started to put the monitors on my belly and again decided she was just going to check my cervix. She did and looked right at Garrett and said “can you go to the desk and tell them we need help NOW?” Garrett did and he said it was like a movie. They all got up and ran. They came in and I was already involuntarily pushing. The doctor ran in and barely got dressed in time.

At this point, the nurse said “I hope you weren’t hoping for an epidural” and I said “no…. but even if I was I don’t think there is time.” I remember clearly looking Garrett straight in the eyes scared to death saying repeatedly “I can’t do this.” Even though I had a natural VBAC with Sofie, I did NOT think I could do it with Kylie. The nurses kept assuring me that I was already doing it and that was so encouraging to hear.

There were 2 student nurses that I gave permission to come in and one of them was SUPER sweet rubbing my right leg, encouraging me and overall just amazing.

Welcome Kylie Mae

After about 3 full pushes, Kylie Mae was born at 9:32pm. She was placed directly onto my abdomen and her APGARS were taken. She needed a little extra stimulation so she was taken to the warmer for a tad since she came out so fast.

Welcome Kylie Mae -- >> Here's Her Birth Story

She was back with me in a short amount of time and I was just like WOW, I did that! The student nurse hung around until I was situated and then came back in and had written me a note saying that was the BEST delivery ever. Her name was Hannah, and it sure made me smile!

Welcome Kylie Mae -- >> Here's Her Birth Story

Kylie was, in fact, our biggest baby. She weighed 6lb 3oz and was 19 1/4″ long. We are SO super blessed that she is here and according to my paperwork, time of labor was 15 minutes from arrival at the hospital to delivery.

Welcome Kylie Mae -- >> Here's Her Birth Story

Here we are, a family of 5, with an almost 3 week old. Now, the true question that is swirling in our heads and one we are being asked a lot – “are you going to have more?” The answer is complicated as I don’t know if I feel done. However, I am 35, advanced maternal age, and we have 3 beautiful children. Our house that we have now is a good size for us, we are financially secure and blessed. It is just tough to be potentially hanging up ever being pregnant again.

Thank You For Sharing!!

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Antoinette M

Wednesday 28th of December 2022

Congratulations! Thank you for sharing. She is beautiful!


Friday 23rd of December 2022


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