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7 Hands on Learning Activities for Toddlers

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Have you been wanting your child to learn more, but weren’t sure where to start? I can tell you that some toddlers love to learn with hands on activities. These types of activities engage your toddler and help them learn in a new way. Here are some hands-on learning ideas to help your toddler learn.

7 Hands on Learning Activities for Toddlers

Color Sorting with Crayons

One of my favorite ways to teach my toddler colors is through crayons. You see, with crayons, all the hard work is done for you. I like to use a muffin tin to allow my toddler to sort the colors. This is a great way for a toddler to recognize that there are lots of colors in the world.

Sorting Blocks By Shapes

I like these hands-on learning activities that I’m mentioning because a lot of people already have these learning tools at home. Being able to pull out blocks and sort them into shapes is a great learning activity!

Sponge Art

Another great activity that you can do right in your home includes sponge art. You can use sponges to create a variety of art, such as numbers, letters, and shapes. This is one of my favorite hands on learning activities for toddlers because you can teach them a variety of lessons.

Tape a Line on the Floor

Have a child that needs help with their hand eye coordination? Tape various lines on the floor and let them follow the lines. You can also use these lines to create a road for their cars. Learning can be fun and I feel as though this is one of those activities.

Indoor Letter Scavenger Hunt

You can use magnetic letters or foam letters for this scavenger hunt. All I can say is your toddler is going to have a blast finding letters throughout the house. Most of these letters also have different colors, so you can also practice this with your toddler, as you do the scavenger hunt.

Have a Ball Inside

Most toddlers love throwing balls and this is a great hands-on way to help your child learn. As you throw balls around with your toddler, you can also count and sing the ABCs. Some toddlers just need to be moving around as they learn. Plus, learning gross motor skills counts!

Drawing on the Inside of a Box

How many of us get cardboard boxes, but we aren’t sure what to do with them? I suggest letting your toddler color on the inside of the box. They’re going to love doing this, I promise! Toddlers love coloring.

Remember that learning with toddlers includes lots of play. What hands-on learning activities do you complete with your toddler?



Thank You For Sharing!!

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