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Daith Piercing for Migraines: The Start of My Journey!

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Thank You For Sharing!!

I have suffered with migraines for a whopping 16 years. I’ve tried everything, I see a neurologist and am on a triptan (form of migraine medicine) to take when they’re coming on. Over the last few years, though, I’ve had to take 3-4 migraine pills before my headache stays away. Migraines are brutal……. that’s for sure. A few months ago, my brother-in-law mentioned something to me about getting my daith pierced as a way to relieve migraines. I brushed it under the rug because I had tried everything! I finally found that the triptans worked, and I had just accepted the fact that I was to live with them. About a week ago, I saw a blogger friend of mine, Shelley, share her amazing results from me and thought that maybe I should give it a whirl. It took me a week to build up to actually getting it done, but I finally did!

Daith Piercing for Migraines

I wanted to share some details about my migraines and then share more information about the daith piercing. Please note that this post is not medical advice, everyone has their unique situations. This piercing may work for some and not for others. In my opinion, I decided to try it because what do I have to lose?

  • My migraines always start on the right temple. This is when I need to take the Zomig or it is untreatable.
  • The migraine moves down the right side of my face and into my neck.
  • I sometimes have an aura right before one comes on but not all of the time.
  • My Zomig makes me sick for about 30 minutes but does relieve the migraine – for about 24 hours and then it’s back and I need another Zomig.
  • I’ve had migraines since I was 16.

Migraines are brutal ……. if you have them you know what I mean. I use an ice pack, peppermint essential oil and a dark room. However, that is not always available to me as I have a little one and a full time job. The daith is a part of your cartilage in your ear that is known to be a pressure point for migraine relief. The belief is that if this is pierced, the pressure in your head is relieved, therefore ridding the migraines.

I got mine done recently and the first thing everyone asks is “Did it hurt?” Yes, it did but not nearly as bad as I anticipated it to hurt. It was more of an uncomfortable pressure. A friend of mine and I went to Ink Wizard here in Southern Maryland and Samantha pierced our daiths for us! She was so nice and informative. She was quick and accurate too with the piercing and very thorough in explaining how to take care of it.

I plan to document my journey with this daith piercing for about a month and then come back and share my results. I know some of my readers suffer with debilitating migraines, so I would like to share how this has helped me, fingers crossed!

Check out Shelley at Sweep Tight‘s story – she has been migraine free because of this piercing for about a month now! She is the one who inspired me to give it a try.

Thank You For Sharing!!

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Claudia N

Thursday 10th of September 2020

I've suffered 12-15 migraines for past 30 years. Been put on all kinds of meds, tried all kinds of diet (vegan, macrobiotic, etc), exercise/meditation and Daith piercing. Nothing has worked for me until Aimovig injections. I was on it a month after it hit the market like a FLASH and have been on it almost two years! IT WAS WONDERFUL with immediate relief! Migraines went down to VERY few per month and much more easily manageable. Some months were migraine free even. HOWEVER...I began coming down sick with viruses every three months! I would no sooner get over one but another would hit 2-3 weeks later. My family doctor said Aimovig does suppress the immune system and wanted me off. Suggested using once only every few months when they become untolerable. Two months after I came off it, COVID pandemic hit and I've have not resumed Aimovig at all because of the risk in this highly contagious environment we're currently in. Interestingly, I have not had any viruses whatsoever since coming off of Aimovig but I sure do miss the relief it brought. First thing that worked in 30 years for me. I'm not advising that you NOT take it, just to be aware of possible side effects that aren't listed yet because its so new on the market. All the best to ALL OF YOU!

One Month of Results After Ear Piercing for Migraines

Friday 30th of March 2018

[…] One of my blogger buddies/fellow migraine sufferer decided to try the daith piercing for migraines too! You can see her results here. […]


Sunday 14th of January 2018

I had the daith piercing done February 2016. Prior to the piercing, I had migraines for 40 years + and anywhere from 8 to 12 monthly. Over the years I have been treated with various medications with little help for my migraines. I do take Imitrex on the onset, which makes me very nauseated and left with side effects for a day but still better than the pain. I got the daith piercing and the frequency and intensity of the migraines are so much better. I now have only 1 maybe two a month where I have take Imitrex. When I feel a headache coming on I take Excedrines and the headache goes away. The daith piercing has definitely changed my life!!!

Tiffany Trembath

Thursday 28th of September 2017

I've had the daith piercing for 8 days now. And my headaches are just as bad :( And my ear hurts!!!!


Friday 29th of September 2017

My ear was very tender for about a month. Are you taking care of it like they told you to with cleaning it? I hope it helps with your migraines.


Thursday 24th of August 2017

Although I am a 61 year old female, I am like "Darren" in that I have had them for MANY years. 26 years in fact. I, too, have tried everything from botox, cefaly current, all the various pills, hormones, etc. Nothing has made a difference in my 12-15 monthly migraines. I currently use a Triptan but I'm eating too many of them.

I, I KNOW I'm going to give this Daith Piercing a try. My big question is HOW do you find a reputable and knowledgeable piercing expert? I don't want to go to a random corner tattoo parlor. And I don't have any friends with tattoos to ask for recommendations either. Any suggestions?


Thursday 24th of August 2017

Hi Claudia,

I am sorry that you're suffering, I know this feeling all too well. Before I went to get mine done, I called a few tattoo parlors and asked them if they knew about a daith piercing for migraine relief. I then asked to speak to the piercer to learn what they knew about them. That was the way that I found someone who knew what they were doing!


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