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Milk Money Docuseries Details + Giveaway!

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As a millennial myself, I am enjoying the Milk Money Docuseries as it sets out to showcase real life stories of parenting in the world today! I love that this online channel is free and shares stories that relate to me.

In our journey to pay off the debt that we accumulated with student loans, car loans, etc. we are aiming to share these lessons learned with our son, Liam who will be 6 soon.

Debt pay off and saving are our main focus currently. We are making amazing progress so I absolutely LOVE too see that this docuseries is relatable!

The channel aims to provide millennials the financial skills and entrepreneurial mindset to face finance challenges through free extensive, easy-to-use learning resource.

Distributor Million Stories is a free, online financial literacy entertainment platform.

Premiering in August, Milk Money gets real with millennial families raising kids in today’s economy. The series explores the true price of parenthood and dives deeper on family finances. With a diverse group of families, Milk Money profiles the lives of single parents, new parents and many more!

Upcoming episodes include:

  • A single dad and his strong bond with his son from Inglewood, CA.
  • A family of four with one more on the way prepares for a military deployment from San Diego, CA.
  • A single mom returning home to the Navajo Nation.
  • A family of four struggling to find affordable childcare from Van Nuys, CA.

Director Lara Everly, a current finalist for the NBC Female Forward Directing Program, celebrates female-driven comedy and women’s issues. Her affinity for comedy and improvisation (graduate of Upright Citizens Brigade) has led to working on sitcoms, half hour shows, features and many national commercials. 

Milk Money: American Paycheck

American Paycheck hits the road across America to discover how millennials make money, what they do with the money they make, and how they cope with adverse financial situations in their communities.

Milk Money Docuseries Details + Giveaway!

Milk Money: Faceplant

Ouch! Personal stories from people discover the value of failure in pursuit of their dreams. Current episodes include Michael Santos (convict turned entrepreneur) and Endyia Kinney-Sterns (TV producer and Network Executive).

Milk Money Docuseries Details + Giveaway!

Milk Money: Adulting with Richard Sherman

NFL football superstar Richard Sherman breaks down the money playbook.

Milk Money Docuseries Details + Giveaway!

Milk Money: Heads or Tails

Developed in response to COVID-19. Reality star Joey Sasso gets answers from experts Jean Chatzky, Johnny Taylor and Dr. Mike. Just renewed.

Milk Money Docuseries Details + Giveaway!

Milk Money: Covid Chats

Developed in response to COVID-19.  People around the country chat about how COVID-19 is affecting them and their plans from the future. This series includes individuals from American Paycheck.

Teach Your Kids About Money

How are you teaching your kiddos about money? Our son, Liam, is 5 and we are expecting another little one in December. Teaching Liam and our soon to be daughter, Sofie, about money is vitally important.

Enter to win a piggy bank set
Liam’s new piggy bank set!

To help, we enjoy finding interactive activities for Liam so that he can understand the power of saving as well as spending. Our family has been working hard to get our debt paid off (including car loans, student loans and more) and while its challenging it is very important.

Painting his new piggy banks!

Liam was SO excited to decorate his own piggy bank and put his coins in it! As he gets older, we will continue to help him learn about saving! We don’t want Liam to make the same mistakes that we’ve made.


To enter to win your own Piggy Bank set for your kiddos, simply use the Giveaway Tools form below. All entries will be verified and a winner will be picked and emailed. Entrants must be 18+ older and reside in the US, the winner will be emailed and have 24 hours to claim their prize.

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Amanda Whitley

Tuesday 15th of September 2020

we have them earn chore money and then we have a reward store they can spend their money in so they can start to learn what things cost and how much work it takes to afford them.

Leah Shumack

Tuesday 15th of September 2020

My littles love playing store! They take turns being the customer and the clerk who rings up all the goodies!

Jennifer Barr

Tuesday 15th of September 2020

chores to earn money

Lauren Becker

Tuesday 15th of September 2020

I don't have kids, but I do have two nieces and a nephew and we're always trying to impart that money is important and you can't buy everything you want. You should save.

maria gentry

Monday 14th of September 2020

We play "store" with pretend money!


Tuesday 15th of September 2020

Great idea! I loved playing store as a kid!

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