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Mo+m Baby Carrier Review! @MothersOnTheMov

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When we were pregnant with Liam, I was introduced to babywearing by a few fellow Moms. They directed me to a local babywearing group where I attended a meeting and learned about all of the different carriers that I could use for Liam. At this meeting, I was introduced to a lot of different options including woven wraps, soft structured carriers and more. With my spinal fusion, I knew that spreading his weight and being careful about how I carried him was important. I also knew that I would want to snuggle and carry my baby boy. When Liam arrived, I attended another meeting and was set on trying the classic ring sling. The lovely babywearing consultant, Rachel, helped me to ensure he had a good seat and all kinds of important things for carrying my little baby boy. Well, we both decided that Liam was NOT going to be a lover of the ring sling as he kept “popping the seat” which makes the carry unsafe. We then decided that Liam and I would be best suited for a soft structured carrier like an Ergo or a Mei Tei. I fell in love with them at that time and wore Liam all the time. He was a little guy at birth but we found a carrier that I could use with him at his tiny size and one that we could grow together in. Babywearing has been a lifesaver for us wherever we go and we never leave home without a carrier.

MOM Carrier

I recently discovered a company named Mothers on the Move and was super excited to receive one of their baby carriers for review.

“Mothers On the Move was founded as an opportunity to provide quality products for our most precious consumers. As parents we understand that you only want the absolute best for your child so we strive to offer exactly that.

The company was founded by Anthony Lee, a web writer and devoted parent of two. Anthony sought to bring value to the parenting marketplace in a way he could identify with and was passionate about, so he went in search for the best way to do that and you are witness to the result.

“If you are like me and you obsess over the quality of everything you put on or near your precious bundle of joy, then I think you will like our products. I am committed to Mothers On the Move only offering the finest goods that I personally love and use.” – Anthony Lee, Founder”

Finding the right baby carrier for you and your child is important – you want to find one that is comfortable for you and for baby. In 2012 I had a single level spinal fusion and so I knew that I needed a carrier that would help me balance Liam’s weight properly and also provide support for my back. The soft structured carriers were that for me and this Mo+m carrier is no exception. We have an Ergo that we love too and Liam does well in it. I was super excited to receive the gray Mo+m classic carrier and try it out. I immediately opened it and put it on. I love that this carrier can be worn 3 different ways – hip carry, front carry and back carry. Liam is 15 months old so he is old enough and strong enough to be in all three positions.

Mo+m Ergonomic Baby Carrier

Front Carry 1

This is the front carry with this easy to use carrier! You can also do a back carry and a hip carry, check it out:

Back Carry 1Liam seems to love the back carry! I find this one is the best on my back and balancing the toddler weight. Liam is a tiny dude but he still gets heavy after awhile. I am going to be doing this carry more often.

Side Carry 1

Liam has ALWAYS loved being on my hip but my back surgeon told me NO and to avoid it as it causes me back and leg pain afterwards. However, with this carrier he isn’t actually resting on my hip, nor am I leaning to hold him on it, so it is easier and we are both happy! As soon as I put him up in this carry, he laid his head on my shoulder – super cute!

Here are some features that I love about the carrier:

  • Ergonomic & Easy: Distributes weight evenly so it won’t put stress on your back or shoulders. No folding or tying necessary. Just load your baby and enjoy hands-free parenting for hours.
  • So Comfy your Baby will Sleep in it: Vented window keeps your baby cool, ultra soft hood shades the head while sleeping
  • Versatile 3-in-1 Design: Carry in front, backpack or hip carry positions
  • Your Baby is Safe: ASTM F2236 – 14 Certified, CPSIA Sec.101 & Cal. Prop 65 Passed.
  • Super Convenient: Pockets for storage, machine washable and compact; fits in a diaper bag.

When your baby is carried with legs dangling, this is bad for hip and spine development. The Mo+m Carrier simulates the natural positioning of the baby’s body when a mother holds her young one. The carrier presses the baby against mom’s (or dad’s) body just as it would be during normal carrying.

Baby Carrier Killing Your Back? You Need the Mo+m Carrier.

-Supports Babies of All Sizes. Comfortably supports smaller babies to larger toddlers.
-Good For Your Baby’s Development. Ergonomic design that promotes healthy hip and spine development.
-Not Complicated. Carrier is easy to get the baby in and out of, even by yourself.

Baby wearing is not just a fad. Anthropologists and psychologists have noted that when a child is constantly in the arms of a caregiver it helps build communication between the two. This closeness is actually good for emotional development in the baby and studies have shown babies that are carried often are less prone to crying fits. Motion from carrying your baby also helps him/her develop motor skills. Carrying your baby also allows you freedom to get things done with hands free parenting.

But what makes the Mo+m Carrier so great? Well, this soft, all natural cotton carrier can easily fold up and go in your diaper bag. It is machine washable, so when the carrier becomes dirty from spit up, drool and other baby things, just toss it in the wash, dry on low heat and get back to carrying your baby. The Mo+m Carrier also comes with a protective hood that you can snap on to cover your baby’s head and shield her from the sun. When you order the MO+M Carrier, you’ll also be emailed a link to a free instructional video that teaches you how to get the most out of your baby carrier.

If you’re attending a baby shower for someone, a baby carrier is a great gift. Or, if you are looking for a way to babywear, you’ll want to order one for you and your little one. Anthony, the founder, is dedicated to help in anyway possible – he follows up with you and sends a video for how to use the carrier – awesome customer service. Further, this carrier is affordable and the classic is only $39.95 and the designer is $49.95 making this carrier a great value! The Mo+m carrier is a great value and is available on Amazon and in their Etsy store (designer carriers only). You can also check out Mothers on the Move online and on Facebook and Twitter.


Thank You For Sharing!!

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Katie Zink

Friday 22nd of January 2016

As a soon to be first time mom, I look forward to wearing my babies. There are so many carriers to choose from and this one looks both comfortable and functional! Thanks for the review!

Laurie Emerson

Friday 22nd of January 2016

This looks like the perfect baby carrier. I love the thick shoulder padding it has.


Friday 22nd of January 2016

I love the 3-in-1 design.

Anna Tetreault

Friday 22nd of January 2016

This looks really nice! I like the storage pocket! Thanks for the review!


Friday 22nd of January 2016

I wish i had one of these when my older kids were babies!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.