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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for the First Time Mom! #FCBlogger

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This year will be my first official Mother’s Day! Liam joined our family on September 22, 2014 and we certainly have been blessed having this little cutie in our lives. In years past for Mother’s Day we’ve celebrated me as a “dog Mom” to our 2 black labs and celebrated our Moms who have been amazing Moms. However, this year will be a little different, it will be my first Mother’s Day as a Mom to our little Liam Wesley- I couldn’t be more proud. I’ve been thinking lately, as a first time Mom, what I would want for Mother’s Day. So I’ve decided to highlight some great gift ideas using suggestions from my own opinions and some friends of mine. So, here are 5 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for the First Time Mom.

Mothers Day Gifts First Time Mom1. A New Bible: Family Christian has a GREAT selection of Bibles for women including my favorite “The Busy Mom’s Bible!” I know that I have been wanting a new Bible for myself so I would love to receive this as a gift. A First Time Mom would love to be able to find a Bible that fits their needs.

2. Devotional Book: There are a great variety of devotionals out there and available in stores. Your life changes when you have kids, so a devotional book that will encourage and challenge the first time Mom would be a great addition to any gift for Mother’s Day

3. Jewelry: Who doesn’t love a NEW necklace, ring, or bracelet? I know that when Liam was born I wanted a ring with his birthstone in it. Check out the selections of jewelry gifts available HERE and know that you’ll be choosing right when you purchase this gift.

4. Pampering: Oh I love a great pedicure but I never really have time to get one done. So, how about you bring the spa to the new Mom and get her the gifts of Bath & Beauty- a new lotion, a foot scrub or a nice face wash?! Here are some adorable and great gift ideas.

5. A Mother’s Shirt or other Apparel Item: Since I became a Mom I have been on the hunt for adorable apparel items. I would love for someone to gift me one of these items— I LOVE the shirts with the positive messages on them because they’re not only comfortable but they’re great encouragement to other Moms and myself.

So, what are your ideas for First Time Mom gifts for Mother’s Day! I’d love to hear them. There are so many great gifts available at Family Christian and I am headed there shortly to grab the Moms on my list one of the gifts above. 🙂

Thank You For Sharing!!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.