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Baby Gift Guide: The Ollie Swaddle! @theollieworld

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Welcome to This N That with Olivia’s Baby Gift Guide!

Are you a Mom-t0-Be or New Mom? Or maybe even someone looking for a perfect gift for the Mom-to-Be? This N That with Olivia’s Baby Gift Guide will feature products from the best baby brands out there in the form of reviews and sometimes giveaways. Our first little one, Liam Wesley arrived on September 22, 2014 – a few weeks earlier than his due date of October 1, 2014. We’ve been searching for the best baby products for our little boy all through my pregnancy and have already featured some in our Gift Guide! 

Ollie Swaddle

When Liam was born, I was aware of the benefits of swaddling and we had numerous blankets available to try to swaddle him with. He was born at only 5lb 12oz and being so tiny, a lot of the blankets were huge on him. When we would swaddle him, he would swim in them and we could never get them tight enough to make him feel secure. We kind of gave up on swaddling, let him sleep with us and have done that since he has been about 7 weeks old. Now at almost 11 weeks it is time to transition him to his crib as he is sleeping longer hours and all. However, it has proven to be a challenge to get him to sleep without me right next to him. Garrett and I both work full time so nights without sleep really mess us up for the week ahead. I do know it is important to get him to self soothe and sleep alone– it will happen soon! 

When I was given the opportunity to try out The Ollie Swaddle, I have to admit that I was a little skeptical! I know we need quality sleep and that is only possible if Liam gets quality sleep as well. Liam would also get overheated in other swaddles and he wouldn’t be a happy camper– we couldn’t win when we tried any of them. We were sent the blue one and the first thing I noticed was how cute it was wrapped, in this unique box, tied with a bow and inside was a laundry bag, the swaddle and instructions! It is packaged to be a perfect gift for a baby shower. 


Ollie 1


When I removed the swaddle from the package I found that the swaddle is made from a very soft material and after further reading I found that it is a moisture wicking material to prevent overheating– one of the struggles we had with Liam. I decided to wrap him in the swaddle as he was tired already. Check it out:

Ollie Swaddle Liam


The material is stretchy and soft! Liam loved it… even though he doesn’t like his hands tied down. I rocked him a little and he slept for 2 hours during the day for a nap- awesome! 🙂 

Product Description
  • Designed to decrease fussiness and assist in self calming.
  • Improves quality and duration of sleep.
  • Elasticity to allow freedom of movement.
  • Opening at bottom to allow for diaper changes.
  • Made to grow with your baby.
  • Custom developed moisture wicking material to reduce overheating.
  • Ages 0 – 4 Months.
92% Polyester / 8% Spandex / Yarn Dyed Jersey

If you’re looking for a great baby gift, you’ll want to consider The Ollie Swaddle! I have a few friends who are pregnant so I’ll be ordering one for their baby shower gift. 🙂 You’ll love it too.

The Ollie Story

My story begins when I fell in love with an infant named Oliver. He was handsome, and yet on the verge of being labeled “failure to thrive.” Other foster parents struggled with keeping Oliver because he was difficult, struggling to eat and sleep. But I was in love, and so I began my journey to help Oliver thrive.

My experience in infant mental health had acquainted me with the timeless technique of swaddling. However, to both my and Oliver’s distress, the swaddles available on the market didn’t seem to help. They either didn’t hold him correctly, were not strong enough to apply a comforting pressure, or they left his legs unwrapped. So my mission to help Oliver took a new turn as I searched for a swaddle which would meet all of Oliver’s needs.

The answer finally came when I created a new type of swaddle. One which would move with him through the night, keep a comforting pressure from his shoulders to his feet, and which would help keep him cool. When I started wrapping my little Ollie in the new swaddle, I began to see dramatic changes. He began to sleep through the night, eating and gaining weight. Most importantly, he began to catch up with developmental milestones which he had missed. Ollie began to thrive!

This change led to a happy ending for Ollie. In 2009 he was adopted by a loving family. Since then, I have been working with a great team to develop a quality swaddle which could be shared with families everywhere. This is the swaddle which I am happy to share with you today, The Ollie, named after my little love.

ollie 2

Be sure to follow The Ollie Swaddle on their Social Media Channels: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Pinterest

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Monday 15th of June 2015

How big is this swaddle?


Tuesday 16th of June 2015


Here is more information about the swaddles: http://shop.theollieworld.com/shop/swaddles/blue-stripe/ and weight is 16 oz, Dimensions 5 x 5 x 5.5 in.

Janell Poulette

Sunday 14th of December 2014

These look so cute. I need to tell my sister about these.


Friday 12th of December 2014

That is so cute! What a great product to help your baby feel cozy and safe!


Friday 12th of December 2014

I loved using swaddle blankets for my boys.

melissa k

Friday 12th of December 2014

I never used a swaddle blanket but needed too! I was the worst! This would have been amazing.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.