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FREE OurPact App Review: Parental Smartphone App!

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Technology is everywhere and that means that it is easier for kids to get a hold of these devices. In fact, children use technology better than most adults nowadays- scary, huh? When I was growing up I remember getting internet for the first time, dial up and fighting for the phone line…. or having to log off so that someone could make a phone call. Oh those were the days, but they’re gone now. Most children have cell phones and on top of that most of them have smartphones. As parents we need to monitor what they’re accessing on their phones and limit usage time. However, it is hard to do that remotely without checking or taking their phone all the time.

The fact is, the average child spends almost 50 hours per week in front of screens. This is outside of school alone, and  — to emphasize — the average. That is more time than if they were working a full-time job, accounts for more hours in the day than any activity other than sleep, and is approximately 36 hours above the weekly recommendation for screen time set by the American Academy of Pediatrics.

I am excited to introduce OurPact to you, a FREE Smartphone app that allows you to sync your child’s phone and set limitations easily and quickly! Check out the features:

What is OurPact?

Ourpact is an easy to use, iOS application that was created to help parents guide the mobile habits of their children, as well as teach responsibility through technology. This great app allows parents to set schedule usage time, block the internet, etc.   Schedule

What about set up?

You simply sync your IOS device with all your children’s iPads and iPhones, and iPod Touches! It is super simply– here are the few steps:

  • Download the app in the App Store
  • Sign up for a FREE account
  • Open the internet on your child’s device and go to pair.ourpact.com
  • Then, enter the email & password used to create the parental account
  • Enter your child’s name and press ‘Pair’
  • Press install
  • Enter your child’s password if needed
  • Voila! You’re connected.

What can you do with OurPact?

OurPact has a lot of features allowing you to control and monitor your child’s device:

  • Schedule Internet and App use- you can even choose weekend and weekday limits
  • Set the number of hours your children spend on the Internet and within Apps.
  • Block Internet and Apps at-a-touch.
  • Allow Website and App access, whenever you feel your child “needs more time”, at-a-touch.
  • Block all apps (eg. Facebook, SnapChat, Instagram, Twitter, etc.), as you see fit.


My Review:

OurPact is a fantastic and FREE app, I downloaded it and synced up an iPhone with it. It was SUPER easy to use and to set up limitations as needed. Here are some of the things that I liked and some of the things I think that can be improved:

  • It’s free!
  • Work’s on multiple iPhones and iPads
  • Scheduling the devices to be off during dinner time, homework time, and bedtime!!
  • Monitoring how much time your child is on the device, and what they are doung
  • Once the set up is done, you don’t have to do much work unless you want to change the controls.
  • You can email OurPact at anytime with your questions, etc. They are very much involved.

What can they improve on:

  • It only works on Apple products. (they are currently working on an Android version)

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This app gives parents a peace of mind!! There is no reason for you NOT to try it, since it’s FREE. Simply download it and see how well it works for your family.

I highly rec0mmend this app for anyone with kids of the ‘smartphone age’ ;). It gives you the assurance that you are in control and instilling good restrictions on their usage!


Thank You For Sharing!!

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Tuesday 2nd of February 2016

thanks for the post .really useful

Diana C

Monday 2nd of March 2015

I love free apps. I use them a lot on my phone. Right now I am testing out a windows phone.

Diana C


Sunday 1st of March 2015

OurPact sounds like a great app, perfect for controlling and monitoring your child’s device. Thank you for sharing this review.

Betty B.

Sunday 1st of March 2015

This is great! Instead of me hovering over my children while using electronics it would be easier to use an app to help me set limits and keep them safe!

margaret peg m

Sunday 1st of March 2015

hi, i absolutely believe these are not only necessary, but should be required if your children use these devices. we are android users, but i'm sure that will be next.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.