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PAW Patrol: Moto Pups Now Available

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PAW Patrol: Moto Pups is now available. Liam is a HUGE PAW Patrol fan and loves all of the dogs for different reasons. His favorite right now is Chase, and he is LOVING learning how to spell all of their names. To celebrate the release of the latest DVD, we were sent a fun box including some Moto Pups themed toys!

About PAW Patrol: Moto Pups

The PAW Patrol pack is back in the brand-new DVD release PAW Patrol: Moto Pups! Available on June 1, 2021, this DVD features the newest member of the PAW Patrol, Wild Cat! It also features all-new high-speed bikes and high-tech gear from the hit preschool series PAW Patrol. Moto Pups airs on Nickelodeon and is produced by Spin Master Entertainment.

Paw Patrol: Moto Pups Now Available

The beloved pups are in for a wild ride as they stop the Ruff-Ruff Pack from trashing the town, wrangle giant runaway donuts and even gear up for an epic rescue of one of their own—Chase!

For some extra fin-tastic fun, the DVD also includes a bonus episode of Nickelodeon’s brand-new preschool series Baby Shark’s Big Show! This series is based on the world-famous pop culture phenomenon. Baby Shark’s Big Show is co-produced with SmartStudy. This is the global entertainment company behind the beloved children’s brand Pinkfong, Baby Shark’s Big Show! The show follows Baby Shark and his best friend William as they journey on fun-filled comedic adventures in their community of Carnivore Cove, make new friends and sing original catchy tunes along the way.

PAW Patrol: Moto Pups Episodes:

  • Pups vs the Ruff-Ruff Pack
  • Pups Save the Donuts
  • Pups Save the Kitties
  • Pups Save a Moto Mayor
  • Rescue at Twisty Top Mesa
  • Pups Save a Sneezy Chase

Bonus episode:
Baby Shark’s Big Show!:

  • Baby Tooth


The pack is back! The Motorcycle Stunt Show comes to town bringing famed stunt cyclist Wild Cat and the troublemaking Ruff-Ruff Pack with it. Wild Cat joins the PAW Patrol to help stop the baddies from trashing the town. Then, the Moto Pups use their tastiest tricks to wrangle giant runaway donuts, save Mayor Goodway and even rescue one of their own—Chase!

PAW Patrol: Moto Pups Box

Liam couldn’t wait to break out the toys, and I LOVE to see him playing with them all. Liam’s favorite thing is to be outdoors and when the weather is nice, we all love to be out there. The first thing he wanted to open was the fun PAW Patrol Scooter!

PAW Patrol: Moto Pups Scooter

Also included in this fun gift box was a helmet that he could customize if he wanted to! Liam preferred just the white helmet (safety first).

Paw Patrol: Moto Pups Now Available

Here are the instructions on how you can customize your own helmet too:

We were also sent some cones and Liam LOVES to make an obstacle course in our driveway….. and wear them on his head ;).

Paw Patrol: Moto Pups Now Available

A gift box for PAW Patrol: Moto Pups wouldn’t be complete without some of the newest toys from Spin Master Entertainment.

Paw Patrol: Moto Pups Now Available

PAW Patrol: Moto Pups Wildcat Deluxe Vehicle

PAW Patrol: Moto Pups Chase Deluxe Vehicle

Finally, we were sent a copy of the newest DVD, PAW Patrol: Moto Pups!!

Paw Patrol: Moto Pups Now Available

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Thank You For Sharing!!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.