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10 Books that Inspire Potty Training Success

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10 Books that Inspire Potty Training Success

First there was pregnancy, and learning so much more about your body. Then there was the newborn stage when you found out just how much sleep you could do without. Then, there’s potty training. And no, you don’t want to know how long it will take, or how many messes it could make. Really.

Signs your child is ready to use the potty

If your toddler is staying dry at times, or imitates using the body, your child may be ready to try to go on their own. If you don’t have a child size potty at home, talking about potty may be helpful. Here are 10 books that can help your child see that kids their age do use the potty just like their parents!

Books for kids about potty training

Board Books are nice because they are durable for the younger potty-learner. This one is brief and to the point, but has drawings which a young child can point at as you discuss using the potty.

This book is another sturdy book that also has lift the flap, which is a fun way to introduce potty training to your little one.

If you have twins especially, I recommend getting both kids their own potty book. These two books are similar, and you can choose from the boy or girl version.

Okay, I’d probably guess that many parents have said, “Big girl panties” more than once when discussing potty training. Well, now there’s a book to give “proof” to your little one that big girl panties are something pretty awesome. You may even want to buy some big girl panties as well!

Once Upon a Potty is a fun potty learning book with great lines which can help inspire potty learning.

Now let’s look at a super-hero inspired potty learning book. This one is the “big boy” pants version of Big Girl Panties.

If humor is more your style, there are books like “Every Body Poops” as well as this one which can maybe inspire your little one who goes pee on the potty, but asks for a diaper for going number two to give it a try.

We have two more great articles on potty training coming soon, so stay tuned!

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