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Pretzel Crisps Review! #Review #Snack #Healthy #Pretzel

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Snacking is something I surely love to do, I keep something with me at all times and usually it is something not so healthy but easy to grab. Now that we are expecting our first bundle of joy in October, I am trying to stay healthy in my eating, especially in my snacking. Instead of going for the candy bar I try to go for some grapes or some crackers. I’ve found that the hunt for good snacks is getting harder– yes there are options for fruit or nuts, etc. but not much for on the go healthy snacks! With all of my newly found cravings, I am finding it hard to find what I really want.

I do like pretzels but then usually need to dip them in something so they don’t get boring! However, I fell in love with Pretzel Crisps!
Pretzel Crisps EditedThese snacks are the traditional pretzel, flattened and resemble a chip or a cracker. I find that they are even crispier than traditional pretzels. I was given the opportunity to try 9 different varieties of the Pretzel Crisps and each one has GREAT flavor and texture, in a resealable bag.

— Original: If you like the classic pretzel flavor, you’ll love these. They’re even great to dip in something like hummus– YUM!
— Sesame: Pretzels with sesame seeds– my Dad loved these! I am not a sesame seed fan but he sure is.
— Chipotle Cheddar: YUM– these are delicious!! I couldn’t stop eating them as they were very flavorful but not too overpowering. I had to remind myself….. back away from the bag.
— Everything: Seriously, I knew my Dad would love these. Even my hubby went for them– he surprised me!
— Garlic Parmesan: These were perfect broken and put on a salad and were another bag that I had to tell myself to walk away from!
— Buffalo Wing: I wasn’t sure what to expect of these, but I knew my hubby would go for them. Surprisingly, I loved them and so did hubby. These would be GREAT dipped in cream cheese.
— Jalapeno Jack: This pretzel crisp has a kick to it like the Buffalo Wing ones but it wasn’t too bad! I enjoyed these ones just as much as the Buffalo Wing and think they would go great dipped in cream cheese.
— Salt & Pepper: My hubby took these as soon as the box came in (that’s why they’re not pictured above). The bag is empty, so I am assuming he liked them!
— Honey Mustard & Onion: Although you’ll need a breath mint after these, I LOVE them! I am a fan of honey mustard and onion and I used to eat the hard pretzels with that flavor…. now I can eat these Crisps!!

The Pretzel Crisps all had great flavors and were there to please every tastebud! Get this, there is only about 110 calories in about 10 crisps and 2g of fat. So, you can think of these as an un-guilty pleasure. Just don’t eat the full bag…… I almost did! In my opinion they have better flavor and more variety than chips or crackers too! 

Pretzel Crisps should be on my shelf at all times, or within reach when I am craving something to snack on. However, they’re so good I doubt they would last very long.

So, give Pretzel Crisps a try, I promise you won’t be disappointed! Follow Pretzel Crisps on their Social Media Sites

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Thank You For Sharing!!

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Stephanie Rose

Friday 18th of April 2014

I love Pretzel Crisps and I agree they are great with hummus. I've not seen all these varieties but will be on the hunt for them.

Laurel Cole

Wednesday 16th of April 2014

I love these pretzels. I have only ever tried the plain ones. I am going to have to try some of the other flavors now!!

Justine Caraway

Wednesday 16th of April 2014

We love Pretzel Crisps, especially with some Laughing Cow cheese.

valerie guerrero

Wednesday 9th of April 2014

i had never heard of this chips they look yucky but im still going to try them because some stuff that looks yucky might still taste good so thanks for the review

Faith Bosnick

Tuesday 8th of April 2014

My husband loves to dip these in Sabra Hummus! :) It's one of his favorite healthy snacks!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.