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How to Feed a Love for Reading in Your Child

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Reading is a marvelous hobby to have, no matter how old you are. It takes your mind to places that you normally could not go. Who would not want to experience new places and things?

When someone is little, their imagination can really run wild. Feed a love for reading into your child with these simple tips.

How to Feed a Love for Reading in Your Child

How to Feed a Love for Reading in Your Child

Discover Your Child’s Passions

If you are reading books about something that you are not passionate about, it will be hard to stay interested in it. The same goes for your child. By now your child surely has some obsessions, whether they are dinosaurs, princesses, cats, or trains.

There are numerous books on a variety of topics, so find books that have something to do with what your children love, to keep them interested, and wanting to read more. You and your child will really bond over reading on the same topics.

Go to the Library

If you have not taken your child to the library, they are missing out! The library of course has hundreds of thousands of books. Memberships are free and most libraries have children’s sections with books devoted to every possible interest your child may have.

Often times, they even have storytimes, which will allow your children to be in a setting with other youngsters and listen to fun stories. There may even be crafts or snacks associated with storytime to make reading or listening to the books even more exciting.

Once your child sees how much fun the library is, you might just plant that seed of loving reading in their life.

Read Before Bed

Bedtime is the perfect time to incorporate reading into your little love’s life. It is a time to calm down for the night. This will allow your child to fully focus on what they are reading or listening to, and really be able to get into the story.

It will be even more fun if your child gets to pick the book(s) to be read each night. So before turning off the light, and closing the door, read your child one or two fun stories before bedtime.

Read in Front of Your Child

When your child sees you reading, you’re instilling a love for it in them. What your child sees, they will do. Let your child see you read and allow them to read right beside you. This is sure to instill a love for reading in your child.

Feeding a love for reading in your child comes down to spending time reading with them. Some kids love doing this on their own, but usually it is because the parents have instilled a love for reading in them. How are you feeding a love for reading in your child?

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.