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15 Essential Oil Roller Ball Remedies for the Winter Season!

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If you are a regular user of essential oils in your home for health purposes, then you know how beneficial they are and how potent and powerful the oils can be. Using oils instead of herbs for medicinal reasons just makes sense because they are 50 to 70 times more potent than herbs and in addition to that, you can make a remedy up for very little cost. Check out these safe ways to use Essential Oils on Babies

To make these roller remedies what you will need to begin, besides your oils, of course, are either 5 or 10 ml. size roller ball bottles and a good carrier oil, such as fractionated coconut oil, sweet almond oil, or jojoba oil. Everyone has their favorite but mine is the fractionated coconut oil because it has the properties of coconut oil, which are so good for your body, but it has been thinned and has no scent to it, so it won’t clog the roller ball, leave any sticky residue on you, or affect the scent of the oils in the blend. (The recipes I give are for a 10 ml. size, which is more common, but just cut the oil drops in half if you are using a 5 ml.)

15 Essential Oil Roller Ball Remedies to Get You through the Winter Season!

So here is your list of 15 blends that are wonderful for relief of seasonal issues that tend to happen more in Winter than any other time of year:

Relief for Seasonal Threats – Use this blend when you start to feel like you are getting worn down, or may be catching something. Also use it every 4 to 6 hours if you have already gotten a bug, by rolling it on the bottoms of your feet, and down your spine, and be sure to drink plenty of water. 

Blend: 6 drops oregano, 8 drops lemon, 6 drops black pepper, 4 drops melaleuca, and 5 drops clove. Add these to the bottle first, and then top off with the carrier oil.

Holiday Detox blend – Great for use for general detoxing anytime, but perfect after the holidays when we have over-indulged and eaten in a manner that our bodies may not be used to. Use this 1 to 2 times a day by rolling on the bottoms of the feet, down the spine and even on the belly if you’d like, and drink lots of water. It will help purify and cleanse you of the toxins. You can also make individual veggie capsules with these same oils in you prefer to use them internally instead, just do 2 drops of each in a capsule, and follow with a glass of water each time. Then drink more water throughout the day. 

Blend: 15 drops Juniper Berry and 12 drops lemon, then top off with carrier oil.

Focus and Calm Blend – Great to help keep your mind on the tasks you need to focus on, while calming the mind chatter and internal noise you can battle during holidays or busy times. Roll on temples, back of neck and even on wrists, and inhale as well.  

Blend: 8 drops vetiver, 6 drops patchouli, 7 drops orange, 5 drops peppermint, then top off with carrier oil.

Winter Blues Blend – Make this blend to use when you feel cooped up or just fed up! This will help change your mood to a happy and calm one and is great for an afternoon pick-me-up. You can also use just 2 drops of each oil in a diffuser as well for the same effect.

Blend: 8 drops frankincense, 10 drops bergamot, 6 drops orange and 12 drops white fir and top off with carrier oil

Sinus Relief Blend – This blend will help clear and open up airways and give relief from chest and head stuffiness and pressure. Use it by rolling over chest, throat (if needed), temples and dot under the nose as well if needed. Then inhale deeply and repeat as necessary. 

Blend: 12 drops eucalyptus, 8 drops lemon, 7 drops peppermint and 10 drop rosemary, then top off with carrier oil.

Replenish the skin blend – This blend works wonderfully to help give life back to dry and unhealthy skin. You can use it for prevention if you are prone to issues when the humidity is drier, or you can use it on any patches of dry skin or any other areas that need some t.l.c. Use a few times per day for areas that are a consistent issue or once a day for prevention. 

Blend: 12 drops melaleuca (or tea tree), 7 drops juniper berry, 5 drops geranium and 8 drops frankincense and top off with carrier oil.

Winter Calming Blend – This blend is used anytime you feel overwhelmed and frustrated with daily life and need to stop, calm and start again. Afternoon times at work, when you are running out of steam and are feeling aggravated is a great time to use this one! Roll on wrists, temples, and back of neck for best results. Inhale deeply off the wrists. Also, can put in palm of hands, rub them together and inhale deeply. 

Blend: 8 drops sandalwood, 5 drops lavender, 10 drops orange, and 5 drops vetiver and top off with carrier oil.

Sore muscle relief blend – Roll this on any areas where you feel tension or soreness, and repeat as needed. Has a cooling effect that really helps give almost instant relief and will loosen muscles. 

Blend: 12 drops frankincense, 8 drops peppermint, 10 drops basil and 8 drops marjoram and top off with carrier oil.

Tummy Tamer Blend – Perfect to use for anytime your tummy is feeling ill, and works great when that holiday food is getting the better of you! Roll on wrists and inhale if you are feeling nauseated, and roll on belly, right around the belly button. Repeat as needed. 

Blend: 12 drops fennel, 8 drops peppermint, 8 drops cardamom and 10 drops orange and top with carrier oil.

Immunity Building Blend – This blend can be used all year, but for the winter season when there is a constant threat of catching one bug or another, it is perfect to help keep up your immunity and be already equipped to fight off the threats. Roll on bottoms of feet before you put your socks on, or down the spine, and do this a few times a week. You can do it daily if you are feeling under the weather, up to 4 or 5 times a day, but do be sure to drink lots of water to flush the toxins out of your body. 

Blend: 12 drops black pepper, 8 drops frankincense, 8 drops lemon, 5 drops melaleuca, and 3 drops clove.

Circulatory Warming Blend – This blend is to help keep your circulation going and to warm you up. Roll it on the bottoms of the feet before you put on your socks, especially before you go out into the cold.  

Blend: 12 drops cassia or cinnamon, 8 drops orange, and 10 drops cardamom and top off with carrier oil.

Women’s Winter Blend – This blend is geared for women, to help regulate mood and maintain balance and relieve any issues associated with that time of the month. Winter can be hard on us during this time with all the pressure and the depressing weather, and this will help! Roll on lower back and lower abdomen, as well as the back of the neck. Also, for emotional relief, roll into palms of hands and rub together, or place on wrists and inhale deeply. 

Blend: 13 drops clary sage, 8 drops patchouli, 8 drops bergamot, and 6 drops ylang ylang and top with carrier oil.

Men’s Woodsy Revitalizing blend – This blend is geared for men to give them a nice, manly scent to use like a cologne, but also will help them feel refreshed and revitalized. Use on back of the neck and wrists, as well as bottoms of the feet, at the beginning of the day, as well as repeating in the afternoon or after work, later in the day if needed.

Blend: 8 drops cedarwood, 12 drops white fir, 4 drops clove and 10 drops lemon and top off with carrier oil.

Muscle Cramp and tightness relief blend – This blend works wonderfully for helping to stop and relieve any muscular cramping, such as leg cramps in the night. It will help loosen them as well, and can be used for prevention, especially if you are prone to getting them on a consistent basis. Roll right over area affected and repeat if needed. 

Blend: 10 drops lemongrass, 8 drops frankincense, 10 drops basil, 7 drops peppermint and 7 drops marjoram and top off with carrier oil.

Sweet Head Relief Blend – This is a blend that works for 2 things: One is just as an uplifting blend to use as a mood booster, to help lighten the mood and refresh you and the other is for relief of pressure or pain in the head. Roll on the back of the neck, on temples, right by the hair line, being careful not to come too close to the eyes, and then roll down and behind ears. Inhale deeply by rubbing in palms of hands, rubbing them together and then taking deep breaths. These also make a great gift idea or stocking stuffer for those you love! Hope you find these to be very helpful, and you can always add or subtract a couple of drops to suit your needs, as everyone’s chemistry is different.

Blend: 12 drops wintergreen, 8 drops peppermint, 9 drops basil and 8 drops lavender and top off with carrier oil.

I also love to make these Homemade Essential Oil Shower Bombs and throw them in my shower for a nice relaxing shower! 

Thank You For Sharing!!

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