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Routine Maintenance: Simple Steps to Protecting your Pipes!

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When it comes to routine maintenance in your home, don’t forget about your pipes. There are some simple steps that you can take in order to keep your pipes (including your septic) running well. Especially in the Winter months, you want to ensure that you are keeping your pipes clear and your plumbing running smoothly.

Routine Maintenance: Simple Steps to Protecting your Pipes!

5 Simple Steps to Protecting Your Pipes

#1 Unhook your hose from the spigot

This is one that I usually forget to do — never leave your hose connected to the spigot in the winter, especially. This is because the faucet could freeze and then the water could expand back into the house pipes causing them to burst — eek!!

#2 Maintain a constant temperature in your home

Don’t vary your temperatures for the night or when you’re not home by more than a couple of degrees. If the temperature gets too low, the pipes in your house could freeze.

#3 Keep your drains clear

Avoid pouring substances like oil or food down the drains. Keep them clear by flushing drains with hot water or by sprinkling baking soda, pouring white vinegar over and then flushing with hot water.

#4 Insulate the pipes in your crawl space

Adding insulation is usually a one time thing. Do it in the warmer months so that they don’t freeze in the winter months.

#5 Keep your septic tank clean

As part of preventative maintenance, you should use 8 oz every month (for a tank up to 1500 gallons) of Roto-Rooter Septic Treatment.

Routine Maintenance: Simple Steps to Protecting your Pipes

About Roto-Rooter Septic Treatment

Roto-Rooter Septic Treatment offers 2x more enzymes to prevents septic backups. It immediately breaks down waste and is an easy monthly treatment and is safe and easy to use on all pipes.

Roto-Rooter Septic Treatment is scientifically formulated to help prevent septic backups. Their natural formula uses 2X more enzymes than the leading national brand to eliminate MORE paper, fats, oils, grease, protein, and starch. This product also helps eliminate unpleasant odors and dampness in leach fields. Use monthly to avoid costly and messy backups.

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Ashley Chassereau Parks

Monday 29th of January 2018

These are great tips! We've been very careful with our plumbing and pipes this winter..... its been colder than usual here lately, so I've been trying to keep the temps consistent and run the water when its below freezing so they don't freeze. I need to insulate the pipes in the crawl space when we can.

Lauryn R

Friday 26th of January 2018

These are very helpful tips for taking care of and protecting your pipes! Thank you so much for sharing. I can't wait to own my own house someday.


Tuesday 16th of January 2018

Good tips to treat/prevent clogs.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.