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Join Shop Your Way for Sears and Kmart get $5 in FREE Points!

Thank You For Sharing!!

Get a free Sears and Kmart ShopYourWay membership and get 5,000 FREE Points ($5 Reward)


1. BECOME A CLIENT mine by signing up here Free Personal Shopping Service

How are these savvy shoppers getting FREE and practically FREE items from Sears and Kmart both online and in stores?? I finally figured it out and I’m excited to share the Shop Your Way rewards program with you.  If you’re like me and you enjoy getting little things, you’ll love this! You can get things like food, beauty products, towels, pjs, etc. for FREE! You will save a generous amount of money when you join the program, I promise! Sign up for the Free Personal Shopping Service  for FREE! 

free personal shopper

Let Olivia Douglass be YOUR Personal Shopper! Simply click on the “I agree to Personal Shopper terms and conditions and then click on the BECOME THE CLIENT Orange button when prompted. I’m now your FREE Personal Shopper!

SYW Profileedited

Are you looking for gifts, toys, clothing, school uniforms, kitchen gadgets, electronics, the newest TV or best rated appliance?? Let me know via message in Shop Your Way Portal once we are connected and I’ll help you find the best deals! 

personal shopper 1

Plus, when you join you’ll also get a FREE 90 trial of free shipping on many items, no credit card is needed or charged for the membership. It does not auto-renew so don’t worry, nothing will get charged. Sweet!


Thank You For Sharing!!

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Stephanie Keeping

Thursday 23rd of July 2015

This sounds like a great program. I love shopping and this just makes it better!

Rachel mouton

Wednesday 22nd of July 2015

These are such amazing deals! Thank you for sharing :)

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.